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World Cup Fans Show Their Heart on The Hair

World Cup is a world amazing soccer event, hold every 5 years. People around the world are so curious and waiting to see this world event. Especially, the fans of the teams who could manage to get into the match will be so excited to see their teams of their nation playing for the world to watch. Because the love for the team or individual idol player is so incredibly so much, groups of fans have done many unbelievable things to show their support.  Below is an uniquely creative way to show their support through having a hair cut of the famous players on their crown head.

hair cut world cup

haircut world cup


If we look at these pictures, it seems that the barber is drawing the face. Actually, it is much more difficult than drawing since it is a haircut.

world cup hair cut


From the three pictures, we can see the barber is curving the shape of Lionel Messi face on the head of the fan. This is really a wholeheartedly amazing Lionel Messi’s Fan. Forget about it. This barber is incredibly awesome. He is very artistic. He is more than just a barber. He is Rob Ferrel from Taxas and is known for his skills to curve the hair portraits of famous stars on his customers’s heads. However, this last picture is instead the face of the Mexican Supper star who have played for the United Chicharito Hernandez. And, this last picture is more than just a hair cut, colors has also been added as well to make it look like a real person with his national team uniform.

world cup haircut

After seeing this, how many of us are wanting to have one too? I personally thrill to have one on my head too. But, how can I get my head to him if he is only in Texas. Probably, I have to find a nearby barber to do it for me.