Winning Your Favorite Girl’s Heart

You are lucky if you are born handsome and good-looking. That is the important first impression to earn the love we want from our dreamed girl. However, that is not the whole story. An emotional attachment to someone needs more than that. While being handsome may win their eyes, your behaviors could win her mind and later her heart. There are something you need to understand about this.

Of course, either a girl or boy wants their lovers to be beautiful and handsome. But, have you ever seen a not-so-handsome man who could win a beautiful girl’s heart? I do a lot. Human are emotional being. If you could tip on the right point making her feel special, you will look special in her eyes.  Then, what make you tip on that right button?

A woman wants someone to be with because she thinks that person could give her the warmth life she needs. Two kinds of need you could consider here which are physical and emotional needs. Emotionally, a girl need a man who consider her as the princess and will give her love and care she needs. So, if you let her smell that in you, she will start to feel good about you. Normally, those will include trust and respect from you.

Physically, she may need a man who has enough ability to let her live well too. If you have some, you could find ways to let her how much you could do it. But, do not show up too much. That may look arrogant. Some girls think that boys place low value on them when they want to use the money to buy their heart.

A sense of humor is another necessary element. Be funny sometimes and make her laugh. When we feel very happy being with someone, that person is fun to be around and with.

Most important of all is the attention you have on her that let do the right thing at the right time. You can love, you can care, and you can make her laugh. But, doing it at the right time makes you even more unique in her eyes. If you care enough of her, you will observe how she is feeling and what she is needing. If she is down, you can help motivate her. If she is bored, make her laugh. If she faces problems, be by her side.

These details attentions and care give her the feeling of love and care deep down inside her heart, and she will never forget you and return her whole heart to you. While dedicating everything for your lovers, do not forget to enjoy yourselves as well.