Why They Look More Confident Than You

Being confident is a shining personality. It will help you better connect and advance yourself very well in either business, career life or relationship. And, being confident is not what a person is born with. It is something they have built during their life. Regardless of how much confident you are now, you can always work to improve it and be a better performer in your career. Now we will explore some of its roots of why some people are more confident that others.

1. Being Knowledgeable of the field

Everyone will not be confident at all the moments. And, people appear to be confident when they trust in themselves of what they are doing. For example, if you are doing a stage presentation to thousand of audience, if you trust in yourself and are very knowledgeable of what they are doing, you are likely to appear more confident than when you are not. So, in the conversation or discussion, the same thing happens. When a person know so much about the topic, they will talk in a very confident way, and they know they will be able to answer most of the questions.

2. Experience

One of the main barriers of being confident is fear. Fear happens because of the uncertainty we are scare of. So, the more you do it, the more you know already of what things will look like. This relaxes you because you know the uncertainty is smaller that what you can do, and once it happens, you can easily deal with it on the spot.

3. Willingness to be not perfect

There are some time that we can get rid of our fear when we are already willing to accept and experience the worst moment of it even before it happens. And, it mainly is for the sake of improving themselves. They are not afraid of looking stupid in front of people. That kind of act is a great development stage of a person to become a very confident person. They would count any moment of looking stupid as the opportunity to advance him or herself.

4. A High self-image

A self-image is how we look at ourselves. If you are very positive about yourself, and you think you are smart and capable. You will be more daring to talk, discuss, and explain your opinion to others. That is also another how of a person to become confident . And, normally, self-image is built by the success you have achieved either physically or emotionally through out your career or working life.

Simply, confidence can happen in one or another way, and it will not stay the same. A confident person at school might not be a confident person at the workplace, and being confident is only a matter of developing yourself to be one and in most moments as possible.