Why Solo Travel Is Much More Awesome – 4 Reasons

Oftentimes, we travel with our partner, family or friends. By that, we feel more secure and joyful because we are around with people we know and are closed with. But, have you ever thought about having a solo travel or single holiday? Many of travel lovers have done this. And, it is really another taste of excitement of traveling. You want to know why? Here are those reasons.

1. You can plan your budget

When you have a solo travel, you will not have to listen to the rest of the group. You can decide what you want to do, and buy. This freedom will you the full decision making authority whether how much you want to spend on each thing. So, you will surely be able to control the expense for the whole trip. In short, you can choose to do only whatever you can afford.

2. A sense of adventure

When you travel in group or with a family, you will feel more secure and safe. However, the adventure trip is often more exciting. A solo travel can give you this. There might be more difficulties during your solo travel, but those times will be the exciting experience you get. It will also make you stronger from time to time. Imagine you travel to a place you have not been before but have to deal with many things. You will keep challenging yourself. That is where the excitement is.

3. Making new friends

Traveling alone will allow you to make more new friends easier. Because you know none of the people along your way, everyone you know is a new friend. That is really a wonderful experience in life to know more of people in different places with different cultures and backgrounds. Usually, many solo travelers often meet the same type of people during the trips. Friendship is built, and you will get more into the traveling world.

4. You can decide where you want to go

As people might have different interest, traveling in group might get you to the place you do not want to go. By traveling alone, you have the full decision. You can go to only where that interests you the most. To some travelers, that is a really great freedom they need. For example, if you are going with a female friend and what she wants most is shopping her favorite souvenirs, but if you do not like that, you will have to feel bored getting the shopping mall with her. Instead, if you are alone, you might be enjoying your time at the galleries or museum already.

If you have never or are afraid of traveling alone, you really should challenge yourself and take a solo vocation some day. You might experience what you have not before. However, you can search for some solo travel destinations that you like the most as well. It will make your trip even more memorable and exciting. After experiencing this, you might want another one soon. Many people who have killed their fear and have a solo trip end up saying they should have done this earlier.