Why People Worry About Death

One evening, after coming back from the work, I lied down on the bed. I was half-asleep, and there was something popping up in mind asking me what if I die tomorrow. The feeling was very strange that I seemed to not have felt that before. It was a mixture of fear, worry, and sadness. Generally, everyone is so scare of death while none of us really knows what happens after the death. That is the uncertainty nobody have made certain but the belief is very strong in everyone’s mind.

That became a very interested topic for me. I have found a few reasons that might apply to many people. First of all, it is about that uncertainty. Human are psychologically so scare of uncertainty because they could not assure what is going to happen in the dark. Like the death is, its uncertainty is the highest. You can actually see how scare people are to that uncertainty by thinking of some cases that some people who are experiencing a deal of difficult life, but they still fear death the most. In addition to this that makes the fear even stronger is the social belief saying that good people will go to heaven while the bad ones will to hell and become evil.

Everyone, of course, wants to go to heaven because it is something perceived as peace and happiness while the hell is where people have to suffer. However, living a life, we will make mistakes and become a bad person at some points of time. That may be the reason why feeling of being bad in everyone’s mind more or less exists, and that might make the person think they could go to hell after their death if that assumption is true. So, to not go to hell is not to die. Then, dying is so scaring.

The  other reason might be the fact that human beings are emotional being. They have emotional connection with their family, friends, their relatives and everything they have lived with every day. However, dying would mean getting away from those good things they are having. That is why they worry about death badly and worry losing all those.

The fear could be infectious as well. When everyone is fearing of something, that could lead to the existent of that fear inside others around as well. So, when more and more people worry about death, it spreads out, making others start to feel the same.

Protecting your life is really what we have to do regardless of what will happen after that. However, never allow that fear to interrupt your life too much that it delays your life quality.