Top 10 Similar Alternatives to Adsense in 2015

Earning money online has become one of a freelance lifestyles of many people at this modern age. Earning money online is also a form of a business startup. However, it needs very little money to start up. With a few hundred dollars for the hosting, domain and other minor expense. You will be able to own a website, and that is where you are going to place the ad in which if successful, it will bring back the money to you. As often, Adsense is one of the most popular ad agencies on internet because it has given the highest click rate and it is owned by Google.  But, it is really strict to be partner with Adsense. Anyway, it is not the only choice. For now, we will look into the other top 10 similar alternatives to Adsense.

1. Chitika

Among the major ad agencies on the Internet, besides Google Adsense, Chitika is one of the most outstanding company. It has a very similar platform to Adsense, just it is from a different company. Nonetheless, it is much easier to apply to be a partner with it. And, the payment method for Chitika is Paypal or cheque. For the check, the minimum payment must be 50$ while the Paypal is 10$. But, its click rate will not be as high as Google Adsense.

2. Adversal

Adversal is another online advertising agency to mention here. According to many of its users have said it is a very nice option, if not Adsense. The CTR is quite high, and it is also available with pop under ad. Additionally, many people have mentioned that the banner ad​​ Adersal is much nice looking than the ones from Chitika. But, it will need your website or blog to have at least 50 000 views a month to apply to be its partner.

3. BuySellAds

A little bit different in concept, you can go for the BuySellAds. It is selling banner posts on your website. You will not need to care about the number of clicks or its rates. For example, if you sell a banner for $ 200, you will just get it at the end of the month. Normally, it needs you to have a large amount of traffic to attract people to buy your posts. And, the most popular and effective place to sell it is at BuySellAds. 75% of the revenue will go to you, and the rest will go to the company.

4. InfoLinks

InfoLinks is another alternative to Adsense. It has somehow a bit difference it form. While Adsense will post the banner according to what users are searching the most, InfoLinks works on the keywords. After being their partner, they will index your blog or website. And, then, they will place in the hyper links into the keywords. If your site is big and with a lot traffic, you are going to earn a good money with InfoLinks as well.

5. Clicksor

Clicksor is one other large advertising network on Internet. It has had thousands of websites being in their network. It has three major types of advertisements to serve – the contextual, popup, and text-based advertisement. Normally, for the Ckicksor, it shares 60% of the revenue to the blog owners, and they get the rest 40%. The payment from Clicksor is done through Paypal and Check with the minimum of $50.

6. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is another way to earn money easily online if you have a lot of traffic into your blog. The rate will depend on the company or website you are affiliated to. Some will just say if there is one bought, you get a certain percentage of the money while some clearly says they will give a certain amount of money for one successful referral.

7. Amazon Affiliate

Among all the affiliate marketing, Amazon affiliate is one of the biggest. It is most popular since Amazon is a worldwide and big company. They have many products you can place a link to. For the first 7 products you help to sell, Amazon will give you 4% of the amount of money bought from their website. After that, the 8th product sold from your site will get up to 6% from the price of that product. Many people have earned thousands of dollars from Amazon Affiliate each month.

8. Kontera

Similar to InfoLinks, Kontera is another major player in the advertising network online. It has a very similar platform to InfoLinks, and it is a text-based advertisement which they will index your blog and place the hyper link into keywords they want to advertise.

If your blog is still small, this might be of the best alternative to adsense. Even better for Kontera, you can use this one with Google Adsense. It will not be a problem, and you may be able to increase the income through that as well.

9. Text Links Ads

Text Links Ads is another alternative you can consider if you, by some reasons, could not work with the Google Adsense. That is you sell the text-based link on your site. The rate will depend largely on the alexa range, page range and traffic of your site. The revenue will be shared half-half with the advertising network agency.

10. Qadabra

The last one in our list is Qadabra. Just like most of the rest mentioned above, Qadabra is another very good alternative to Adsense. Many people have said that the platform of Qadabra is very user friendly and easy to use. And, the advertisement can be done in many forms such as the traditional post banner or the popup.