Top 10 Sexiest Korean Idols with Most Attractive Butts

It is not easy at all until one person becomes a Korean Idol. They must have had an incredible talent and years of training on their field either singing or dancing. However, for the last decade, quite a lot of Korean teenagers have made ways to this most intriguing career, and most of them are handsome, sexy and beautiful. And, when asked who the sexiest Korean Idols are, here you they are – the top 10 sexiest Korean Idols with the most attractive butts.

1. AOA Choa

Park Choa is among the super sexiest Korean Idols of this time. She is best known as a member of the Korean Kpop group, AOA. She is also a very popular musical actress in Korea. And, often time, she is seen to have the most amazing butts. That is also her most attractive weapon when dancing on the stage. She is extremely very charming.

2.  WASSUP Nari


The second place of the sexiest Korean Idols butt has come to Nari from Wassup group. And, it is beyond. That can simply be proved by just a single picture below. She is absolutely among the Stunning, sexiest Korean Idols at this time. To many of her fans, she is one of the prettiest Kpop girls in Korea. And, even amazing, her butt is very sexy and attractive.

3. Yura


Yura is a member of the Girls’ Day group, the South Korean Kpop girl group. Recently, what that is talked most about her is her very sexy butt. She was forming in a video clip, and her butt photo has been posted and shared virally around the social network. And, most people agree that she has had amazing butt which is very charming to most of the men.

4. Stellar Minhee

Stellar Minhee is another sexy Korean idol which her dance move is often shot when she shakes her butt on the stage. That is just because she has an extremely eye-catching and cute butt. That is also the moment that keep the men’s heartbeat very fast seeing her dancing move with her butt. By the way, for other reasons, she is talented enough to be a very popular Korea idols and among the sexiest Korean Idols at this time.


5. Miss A Min


Min is another stunning Korean idol. She is in Miss A, the very popular South Korean girl group. Her songs and her dancing style are the two most interesting about her and her group. As well, she is very pretty and beautiful. Born in 1991, her full name is Lee Min-young. And, unbelievably, she has been trained for 8 years before starting to perform on the stage. You want to see how sexy and cute she is? here it comes in her picture below.

6.  Rainbow Hyunyoung

As well very sexy butt, it is from Hyunyoung, the sexy Korean idol from Rainbow group. Actually, shaking the butt in the dancing move is often seen from this group, but many people have said Hyunyoung has the most amazing and attractive butt. That is why her sexy butt has appeared in this list.


7. EXID Hani


Often best known for the sexy hot dance move, it is Hani from the EXID South Korean girl group. She is so hot, and with her shaking butt dancing move, that is very more hot in the eyes of the audience. You can look at the picture, and you will see what I really mean.

8. T-ARA Hyomin

Within the same butt context, Hyomin is also one of them, especially in music video, Nice Boy. She has moved her ass dancing in a very sexy way. That is why she was noticed as having a very attractive butt among all the sexiest Korean idols.


9. Sistar Hyorin

Sistar Hyorin is also amazing by the name of sexy ass. She is a member of the Sistar girl group in Korea which was created in 2010. Among all the members, Hyorin is often more shining in her dancing with her butt shaking. She is absolutely a gorgeous Korean idol with gorgeous ass.


10. Hyuna


Our last sexiest butt for now is Hyuna’s. She is an incredible Korean idol. She can sing, write songs, dance and even a rapper. She is absolutely talented for her career in the entertainment industry in Korea. But even more interesting, she has had a extremely sexy ass that has brought the attention of most of the people. She is incredibly stunning in her way.