Top 10 Nursing Specialties That Earns The Most

In the United States, nursing career has covered a big part of the market force because healthcare industry in such a developed country has been a priority. That is not surprising that  after people have a high living standard, they care more for their well-being. That is why such a nursing career is very demand. Consequently, it has become a highly interesting job, to the financial perspective. However, different nursing specialties come with a different rate. Below this the top 10 of those nursing specialties ranked by the average rate.

1. Nurse Anesthetist

The number one most earned nursing specialty is Nurse Anesthetist. Nurse Anesthetist is the one who has a specialty in anesthetist. They mainly work in assisting during the surgery operation that involves anesthetic. In average, this kind of position will financially earn between $140 000 and $ 160 000. Comparing to other careers, that is a high rate one. But, for sure, it also takes a lot more to reach the level as well. In order to be qualified for this career, one has to get a certified Master Degree of the field and recognized by the American Association of Nurse anesthetist.

2. Chief Nursing Officer

Similarly working like a CEO of a private company, Chief Nursing Officers perform a similar role, just in the nursing specialty. They mainly work to manage and lead the whole team of nurses. The main responsibilities include strategic planning, administrative management, and recruitment and training. Normally, it takes a great deal of nursing and management experience to be able to hold this job. And, the return is quite high as well. A CNF would have earned between $90 000 and $ 130 000 a year.

3. Nurse Midwife

Nurse Midwife is another interesting and one of the most earned nurse specialties. People in this section of the nursing career will have to perform many different nursing services in their daily work, especially to women. To get be technically qualified for this career, ones will need to graduate from a Master Degree of its type with enough of the hands on experience, and the annual salary could range from $80 000 to $100 000.

4. Nurse Manager

Nursing manager is similarly to the Chief Nursing Officer. They generally manage the whole team of the nurses in a specific hospital. However, their responsibility is much less then the chief nursing officer. That is similarly like the difference between the CEO and Manager of a company. Still, it requires a good number of years of experience to be able to perform in the role. And, the range of their annual salary would be between $79 00 to $89 00.

5. Nurse Researcher

The fifth one among all the most earned nursing specialties is nurse researcher. They are exactly a researcher but in the field of their nursing specialty. The main jobs are to collect data, analyse and publish the new founding. Their end purpose is to find the new innovation to serve in the nursing category of the healthcare. With this position on hand, you will be able to collect between $ 70 000 to $90 000 a year.

6. Nurse Consultant on Legal Issues

Nurse consultant indeed is the combination of two skills which are the nursing knowledge and the related legal issues. And, they would work mainly to advise anyone who has an issue related to nursing. Some common issues within the fields are malpractices and medical claim. Three years of the working experience or a Master Degree in nursing and a Bachelor Degree are the two main requirement to work in the position. And, the income of this specialty would be around $70 000.

7. Nurse Specialist in Clinic

Nurse specialist in clinic are those who normally perform in the administrative process and procedure to all the patient with medical treatment or other issues in a clinic. They also sometimes function as a consultant to the nurses in the hospital in either a medical procedure and the facilities they need to use in the hospital. And, the average salary has a wide range between $50 000 and $100 000.

8. Nurse Practitioner

Like any other practitioners in the healthcare industry, their main role is to assist in diagnosing the patient as well as support the administrating treatment process. A Master Degree and a licencing program to be a nurse practitioner are needed to complete for this kind of position. And, in return, they in average could earn back between $50 000 and $ 80 000 a year.

9. Nurse Case Manager

Nurse case manager are mainly to perform the function of observing and coordinating the treatment procedure and the patient. What that is needed to be able to work in this position, one will need a Bachelor Degree in Nursing and the certified training program from the Case Management Society of America. (Average income between $50 000 and $90 000)

10. Nurse Educators

Nurse educators are those who work at school to train and educate other nursing students. That would include the planning to instruct, the research preparation and the learning development program. They are also among the top earned nursing specialties with the average income of between $50 000 and $80 000.