Top 10 Mistakes of the People at Their 20s

People who are turning into their 20s would feel a different taste of life because it is a life turning point. Most of them in this age would be graduating, looking for a job, starting their own business, or even getting into marriage life. Some wisdom from elder people who have already gone through this would be a big help for them, and the top 10 mistakes to share and should learn from are below:

1. The Knowledge of the Outside Working Environment

A lot of graduate students are thinking that the talent and their high education from their big universities would be all it takes to be successful in life. And, it is a kind of shock to some people when they really go out and involve in the career life. This is an example. There are many important skills beyond, they will realize they need, to help them live well and successful whether in their life or career.

2. Saving is not their Priority

At this stage of life, young people tend to not care much about saving money. And, later on, when they reach a new stage of life which is full of responsibility, they would realize they instead should have saved some money. Many people get into marriage at their young adulthood while many others want to start something of their own. These are things that need money to make it happen. If they had saved some, it would have helped them a lot for that.

3. Money and Success

With a very young knowledge of life, many young adults think money is success. It is when they go a bit further into their career life and feel so tired of it that their success many be something different. It is highly recommended that young adults should begin their life by their passion because that is when the result of their mean the joy and success to them.

4. Health is no need to care

Because they are young and strong, many of them tend to neglect their health. They could drink and eat a lot of unhealthy food. However, those can harm their health badly later when they grow old and weaker.

5. Giving up to quick

With very young age and little experience, they tend to give up things quite easily. And, failures means so big to them. However, elder people would say that failures are inevitable and they are a part of the winning life. One has to get through that to reach their success in life. And, to get through that, being persistent is very necessary.

6. Their perception about friendship

They will likely believe that friendship can last forever. Actually, in reality, whether we want it or not, when life moves on to deal with big responsibilities such as the family, work or business, they will consume of their time. And, there will be only little left for the friendship they have had before.

7. They are so rush to get into marriage

At that age, they are to search for the prince or princess that they think they could spend the rest of their life with. However, they do it so quick and have a big expectation on that. And, when there is a tough time in that relationship, they feel greatly disappointed. They should actually realize that a long-lasting relationship needs much more effort.

8. Escaping from the problems

When facing the responsibilities and many problems of life, they believe that if they run away and live somewhere else, it would be solving the problem. Actually, solving their own problems is inevitable no matter where they are.

9. The world is black and white

From their view point, the world is black and white. There is a clear separation between right and wrong or good and bad. Getting deeper into life, they will realize this is a gray world which things could be anything. They need to open their mind to learn to live better.

10.  Only Me

Their particular problems of life will lead them to think that it is only them who are suffering that. However, a great number of others at that age are experiencing things the same. And, in fact, it is not suffering the life. It instead is the life experimentation. If they do it well, they could proceed their life even better in their later stage of life.