The Top 10 Greatest Leaders in the History

The world, by human, has gone through a great history. Along the way, there are some greatest people emerging. They are considered among the greatest leaders because of their dedication to their own country or the world that makes it a better place. Though some of them have passed, their names have been recognized widely throughout the world. Below is the top 10 list of those greatest leaders in the history of world.

1. George Washington


George Washington was formerly a military leader of the United States. He often is referred as the Father of America. That is because his tremendous contribution to founding American. He had been the first president of the United States for two terms. And, noticeably, he is also the first president in the world who worked so hard to enable a democratic policy that one president can ever be in the position for two terms at most. He loves the country more than the power he holds.

2. Alexander the Great


If it is in the military context, it is said that there is no other greater military leader than Alexander the Great. Though his presence appeared thousand years ago, his name is still virally being talked around and learned from. During his life time, he had brought countless victories to Greek especially his conquer history in Asia and Persia. And, he finally was dead due to Malaria.

3. Winston Churchill


Being known best for his leadership qualities of courage, perseverance, and determination, Winston Churchill is the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom who defeated Hitler in 1945. His strength could get the United Kingdom away from the invading of the German attack in World War II. He was indeed a daring leader who were willing to hold the position in a very difficult time of the British.

4. Franklin Delano Roosevelt

frankline roosevelt

Uniquely, Franklin Delano Roosevelt is the only United States president who could hold the position for 4 consecutive times. He was born in 1882, became the president in 1933, and died a few weeks before the end of World War II in 1945. Remarkably, during his time, he had lead the United States through the Great Depression as well as enabled the reform in the governance of the United State which is known as New Deal.

5. Nelson Mandela


Mandela is best known for his peaceful campaign against the Apartheid group in South Africa. He had dedicated his whole life for the course. Due to that, he was imprisoned for almost two decades. However, his desire was even stronger and bigger by time. When he was out from the imprisonment, he did go on with his vision, and he finally did and became the president of South Africa at the end.

6. Julius Caesar


The greatest achievement of Julius Caesa is his leadership that had brought the Roman Empire to the greatest time ever. And, his leadership and military strategies in leading and managing the countries have been studied and followed since then.

7. Martin Luther King. Jr


“I have a dream” is the most famous phrase from Martin Luther King.Jr. He had spent his whole life to fight against racism to bring equality to people in the United States, especially between the black and white. His peaceful attitude, courage, and determination finally made a big influence on that dream. He finally was assassinated in Tennessee in 1968.

8. Abraham Lincoln


“Never ask what the country can do for you, ask what you can do for the country” is probably the best and most famous quote of Abraham Lincoln to his American people. He had given many inspirational speeches during his time till he is considered as one of the great inspirational leaders of his time. His outstanding achievement is his work to end the slavery in the United States.

9. Mahatma Gandhi


Another one of the greatest leaders in modern time who is so iconic for peace is Mahatma Gandhi. He is the Indian empty hand man who could work non-violently to seize back independence from England. He was initially a usual man who graduated from the London Law School. As time passed by, he had a vision to free his home country from the colonial rule. He had courageously taken the whole tough way non-violent attitude till he succeeded it in 1947.

10.Napoleon Bonaparte


Napoleon is similarly like the Alexander the Great who had had a big historic name for their leadership in the military aspect. Napoleon. The Napoleonic code, the military training methods, and the organization revolutionizing approach are all what Napoleon is known for in addition to his many successful military battle for French. That makes him one among the greatest leaders in our list now.


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