Top 10 Best Kpop Boy bands in Korea in 2015

Korean entertainment industry has somehow reached the level which it can shake the world entertainment industry in some ways. As everyone has witnessed, for the last few years, many Korean Kpop groups have jumped to international level, and people like PSY by his Gangnam Style video have become world stars. However, if you are looking at the Kpop boy bands, many people have agreed that the top 10 Kpop boy bands in Korea are:

1.  Big Bang

Big-Bang Korean boy bands

Big Bang is a big South Korean boy band which has been formed since 2006. This Kpop boy bands has been managed by the YG Entertainment. Altogether, it has 4 members, including G-Dragon, T.O.P, Taeyang, Daesung, and Seungri. So far since 2006, Big Bang has released many albums and songs to Korea and the world. They have achieved so much of the popularity and success.

2. EXO

EXO Kpop boyband

Comparing to the Big Bang, EXO is a much newer Kpop boy band in Korea. However, it has moved so quick to be one of the top most popular Kpop boy bands in Korea. Actually, this is a Chinese-south Korean boy bands, created in 2011 by SM Entertainment. It has 12 members in total, but they are separated into two groups, the EXO-M and EXO-K.

3. Infinite

Infinite korean idol

Infinite is another interesting Kpop Korean boy band. They have been formed in 2010, and gained such a great popularity since its first mini album, The Challenge. Their great success so far is largely earned from the support of the Woollim Entertainment and their super talent. That “The Challenge” of this group has been sold over 160 000 copied for that year. This is such a remarkable record.

4. Shinee

Shinee Korean idol

Shinee is unquestionably one of the most popular Kpop boy bands in South Korea. Many people who are interested in the entertainment industry in Korea must have known this boy band. Many of their performance have excited and entertained millions of their fans around the world.  Specifically different from many other Korean Kpop boy bands, Shinee has crapped both the Japanese and Korean market. They have produced their music videos in both Korean and Japanese languages.



TVXQ is another boy band in Korean which is supported by SM Entertainment. It has two members U-Know Yunho and Max Changmin. Until 2015, this group has been formed over 10 years already, and its fame as a popular Korean boy band is also a great achievement. However, it has taken them quite a few years till the fame was collected for the international market. It was in late 2000s that the TVXQ has come to the international prominence.

6. CNBlue

CNBlue boy band

CNBlue is more commonly known as Blue. It is their code name. This group is created in 2009 in Seoul and debuted the same year in Japan with its mini album, Now or Never. In 2010, they have made another debut with their album, “ThankU”. And, more and more albums from them have been released each year. Through those albums, the CNBlue has collected a lot of popularity which claims them as one of the top kpop boy bands in Korea.

7. Super Junior

Super Junior group

Super Junior was formed in 2006 by SM Entertainment with 12 members in the beginning. Its success peak was during 2009 when they released their “Sorry, Sorry” in 2009. And, undeniably, that was their first best selling. After that, more and more success has happened to them until now that everyone knows Super Junior and many of their fans in Korea and around the world are looking at them with love and support.

8. 2 PM

2 PM Boy bands korea

Managed by the JYP Entertainment, 2 PM is a noticeable Korean idol group. For now, they have had 6 members including Nichkhun, Wooyung, taecyeon, Jun.K, Junho and Chansung. Earlier than this, Jai Park was the leader of this group. However, he officially left the group in 2010. No matter what the group still keeps going on and become very successful.

9. Beast

Beast Boy bands

Beast is popular enough to be one of the top kpop boy bands in Korea in our list. It has had 6 members now, and many of its albums and mini albums have been released each year one after another in Korean and Japanese languages. So far, Beast has won many awards including the Bonsang Award in the Seoul Music Awards in 2011 and 2012.

10.  MBLAQ

MBLAQ - Korean boy bands

In 2009, created by Rain, under the management of J. Tune Camp, the MBLAQ appeared. This group consists of 5 members, including  Lee Joon, Seungho, G.o, Mir and Thunder. Through their release and performance, they have gained very well support from the audience. However, in 2014, two of the members had left the group, so the company has shifted their focus to each and individual of them instead.