Top 10 Most beautiful and Sexiest Asian Girls in 2018

If we compare between Asian and Western girls, their beautiful faces happen in a different way, and both are attractive by their own ways. However, in the Asian world, some female stars have emerged and risen to the top of their careers in the entertainment industry. Some of them are also considered the most attractive, beautiful and sexiest Asian girls. Do you want to know who they are? let’s check with us below.

1. Marian Rivera

Marian Rivera - sexiest girl

Marian Rivera is a young and beautiful Philippine actress. She is one of the rare actresses who has come to prominence and shine on her entertainment career in quite a short time. The best and most reputation she began to get is in her role as Marimar in the movie, Temptation of Wife. After that, her career has advanced gradually till she becomes one of the top female stars of Philippine. In 2008, 2013 and 2014, she was selected to win the FHM sexiest female star. That is an obvious fact why she deserves a seat in the list of the top sexiest Asian girls in 2015.

2. Priyanka Chopra


Priyanka Copra is obviously another one of the most beautiful and sexiest Asian girls. She has an origin from India, and she was formerly a Miss World in 2000. That is no doubt she is a queen of beautify. Besides her stunning attractive looking face, Priyanka Chopra is very talented. She can sing as well as act in the movies, and she has done them very well. Among all the top stars in Indian entertainment industry, Priyanka Chopra is very amazing and among the most earned female stars in India.

3. Ha Nui Lee

Ha Nui Lee

Ha Nui Lee is a very famous South Korean girl. She is a musician as well as an actress. So far, she has preceded her career very well till she is obviously one of the top female stars in Korea. Besides having appeared in so many of the South Korean movies, she is often seen on the Television shows such as the Pasta and To The Beautiful You.

4. Zhang Zilin

Zhang Zilin

Zhang Zilin is a very well known Beijing girl, commonly considered as a very sexy and beautiful actress. In 2003, she participated in the Pageant competition in China, and in 2007, she won the Miss World. Even more interesting in her timeline, it was in 2011 that she got an opportunity to play a main role in the movie, The Underdog Knight. That was the movie that has boomed her beautiful and sexy face to the public.

5. Deepika Padukone


Born in Copenhagen, Canada, Deepika Padukone has had an Indian mother, and she finally decided to spend her life back in India. So far in her career, she is one of the incredibly successful Indian actresses in its entertainment industry. The movie that has revealed her talent to the public is Love Aaj Kal and Chennai Express. However, after being so successful in the acting career, in 2006, she has added model to be her another career. In total, she has collected a big popularity and fame till she is considered as one of the most beautiful and sexiest Asian girls.

6. Hye Kyo Song

Hye Kyo Song

Hye Kyo Song is a female South Korean actress which has gained a great deal of her popularity through her TV presentation. That is the main exposure she has taken to get known by so many Korean. She has started her acting career indeed since she was a school girl. Because her great role in the TV shows like Full House, the Winter, and Autumn in My Heart, she did collect enough popularity to be one of the most famous South Korean actresses. She also deserves to be one of the sexiest Asian girls in 2015.

7. Sushmita Sen

Sushmita Sen

Sushmita is a charming woman who has loudly heard and seen in the Bollywood industry of Indian. So far in her career, she has achieved so much and reached the top. Her first debut movie was in Dastak in 1996. After that, she went on to win the Miss Universe, making the first one ever to have won this in India.

8. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is an attractive women who started her career in the entertainment world years before. In 1994, she won the Miss World Pageant. That was a big turning point in her career. Many people started to know and see how beautiful and talented she is. Her great success in Bollywood industry has also brought to popularity to the world, and it is not surprising at all that she often appears in the list of the most beautiful and sexiest Asian girls.

9. Mirza Dia

Mirza Dia

Mirza Dia is an Indian actress who has a German father and Indian mother. Then, it is not strange that she somehow looks like a Western woman. Initially, she started her career as a model for the Lipton and Emami. Later on, she joined the Miss Indian Pageant which she was a second runner up. Soon after that in 2000, she won Miss Asia Pacific. This is all the supported she has gained in her early career to jump to the peak success of her popularity.

10. Maggie Q.Maqqie

sexiest asian girlsMaggie Q. Maqqie was born in American to a family which her father is Irish and her mother is a Vietnamese woman. Being the youngest of the 5 children in her family, she is the one who has a very successful career in the film industry. In the beginning, she was actually a model until she has gained quite a good popularity that she jumped to be an actress. Her role in Nikita was the first time she has gained the recongition as one of the hottest and sexiest Asian girls. And, another interesting movie she has acted in is Live Free or Die Hard.