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The Top 10 Safest Countries in the World to Visit and Live in

Normally, if asked what is the best country to live, each one would be likely to answer their own home country. That is simple because that is where we were born, and there are things we get used to there. However, if we leave that aside and see if which countries are the safest to live in, these top 10 safest countries below could be of your choice. These are ranged based on the criminal rate, terrorism and other natural disasters that a country could potentially face.

1. Singapore


Singapore is a small lovely country in Asia. It is the least one in this list of the safest countries in the world. This is due to its love criminal rate comparing to the rest of the countries in the world beside this list. For Singapore, its crime rate variable is only 19.98 while its safety rate variable is 80.2. This rate makes Singapore the 10th safest country of the world.

2. Behrain

behrainSecondly from the last safest countries in this list is Berhrain. The rate is just a little bit better than Singapore. Its crime rate variable is 19.79 which makes its safety rate variable 80.21. This good rate could be a result of the very stick laws and regulation of this small country. And, as a result, this country tourism industry is very strong.

3. Georgia


19.59 is the crime rate variable for Georgia while the safety rate is 80.41. Because of this safety rate, it is really a destination for many of its tourist attractions like the Black Sea Coastline, national parks, and scenic mountain range. According to the survey, the results shows that 98% of people who live in Georgia have felt that they are 100% safe in where they live.

4. Luxembourg


Many studies have shown that Luxembourg is a very nice place that could provide the satisfied lifestyle to its people. Low crime rate is only a reason, but most importantly, this country has a very strong economy, making its living standard of their people very high. This country is also among the richest country list of the world.

5. Malta


As the fifth among the safest countries in the world, Malta has both a very low crime rate and no record of terrorist attracts during the last few years. That makes this country so friendly for the tourists to visit and the residents to stay there.

6. United Arab Emirate

United Arab Emirate

For the United Arab Emirate, its safety rate is 81.99, it is a really good number though there are few threats happening in this country for the possibility of terrorist attacks. And, another reason that makes this country very secure is the fact that the punishment on the criminal looks very scary.

7. South Korea

South Korea

If you happen to be in South Korea, it would be very strange if you could encounter an unsafe situation because the criminal rate in this Asian country is very low as its rate is only 17. 40. The laws against violence in this country is very strong especially again personal use of guns. That is why it is rare that such a insecure violent case could happen.

8. Hong Kong

hong kong

Based on the crime rate, Hong Kong has been listed as the third safest country in the world. That is really surprising if we perceive it against some of the Hong Kong movies about the mafia world there. However, the rate says it is undeniably that Hong Kong has a much better safety rate than the United States and some other countries in Europe.

9. Taiwan


Even more unbelievable is that Taiwan is ranged as the second safest country to live in to Japan with the safety rate of 83.74.  Violent cases such as the robberies do rarely happen. This makes women in this country feel very secure to walk around at night.

10. Japan


Beyond being charmingly beautiful with its environment and culture, Japan is the world number 1 safest country at all. One of the cause behind this is the culture of discipline of  Japanese people. They will not likely to do something that will bring shame to its nation. That is why the crime case is very rare.

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