The Top 10 Best Korean Movies You Must Watch

Want to try some Korean movies? or You are already a fan of Korean Movies? It is not a problem. This will still the list of best Korean movies you should not miss in 2014. All include thriller, comedy and mysterious films. Find the type you like, and I am sure you will enjoy watching some of these because they are really among the top ones of the chart recently.

1. The Old Boy


The Oldboy I am talking about now is the new update version of the Oldboy 2003. Based the whole story on the Japanese Manga story of the same name, this movie is about a man who has been locked in a hotel room for 15 years. After being released, he was still in the state of being trapped. And, on his way to find someone who has done that to me, he falls in love with an attractive young Sushi Chef. Recently the same movie has appeared again as OldBoy 2013 which were launched in the United States.

2. The Target


The Target is another big hit thriller type of Korean film. It was released very recently in 2014.  With a different name, this The Target is a remark of the Point Blank, the French film released in 2010. The main plot of this movie is about the 36 hour chase for the Kidnapping of Tae-joon’s pregnant wife.

3. Man on The Edge


If you are a fan of comedy film, this one is absolutely the next movie for you. It was directed and produced by the very well-know director, Mr. Jo Jin Kyu. It was reported that millions of people have watched this only a few days after it was released. If it is such nice, there is no reason not to find sometime to read it soon.

4. Nobody’s Daughter’s Haewon


Directed by Hong Sangsoo, Nobody’s Daughter Haewon was among the top successful best Korean films of the year. Due to that, this movie has been selected to have the presence at the Hong Kong International Film Festival and the 63rd Berlin International Film Festival. And, this movie runs through a life of a young man who becomes depressed after her mother left her to Canada and her broken affair with at professor at her university.

5. Tazza 2


Tazza 2 has a story of gambling king, Goni. Early, he was cheated in the game with the professional gambler till he has lost all his savings and the money he took from his family. He wanted to get the money back, so he started his training with Mr. Pyoeng, another professional gambler of the country. After winning from table to table, Goni became famous for his skills.

6. Koala


Koala film is a story of two men who partnered and started to run a restaurant business together after quitting the full time job. And, what that is most interesting about the movie is the countless obstacles the two men faced and tried to become successful with their business. And, the lowest point their business has gone down to is when their restaurant could possibly be seized.

7. The Berlin File


The Berlin File has brought an attention of the movie lover on the part of its thrilling scene where  Ryoo Seung-wan who is the spy agent from North Korea has involved in the weapon deal in a hotel. Since then, there was a tense investigation from the South Krean part to figure out who Ryoo Seung is.

8. The Attorney


The Attorney was a story of Roh Moo-hyun’s life to become a president of South Korea. Initially, he formed a legal team to defend the 22 students and teachers at a book club against the government after they were arrested without the warrant. Then, he has made himself a human right activist till he was won the position of the South Korean.

9. New World


New World has a story of the crack down of the criminal world of Korea. And, along the story, the big conflict happens between the police, the mob and the undercoverred police who was sent to into the criminal world to get information from them. Needless to say, the revenue this movie has earned proved that it deserves a place among the Best Korean Movies in 2013.

10. No Breathing

Have you ever seen a young talented man who later fall back into a hopeless life and lost many things he has gained so far after a bad incident in life? That is such a realistic point of real life, and this movie is about that but in the swimming context. Won Il was a main character in the movie. He is very promising in his swimming sport like his father. But, after he passed away, Won il become sad and quite swimming to live a hopeless life. And, later on, there was a help that he could return to the training and live a competitive life again.


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