The 10 Flights to in Europe That Are Cheapest in 2014

Have you ever dreamed of going to Europe? Your right time can start today. Here are the top flights to places Europe that are cheapest in this 2014. That means knowing these your dream trip to Europe might be more possible now. If these are not the places you aim to go, do not worry. Let’s go to some of these places first, and you can still go to your real dream places later. Who know? you might like these places even more. They are among the best to visit in Europe.

1. $ 642 : New York to Milan (Round Trip)

milanThe most expensive one among all this list is the flight to Milan. It costs about $ 642 for the round trip. This is the average price from the range of many flight companies that have their ways to Milan.

2. $ 635:  New York to Dublin  (Round Trip)

dublinDublin is a beautiful and dream trip target of many people who like traveling. This might be the opportunity they can realize that because according to our research, the average price of the return trip from New York to Dublin is only $635.

3. $ 624:  New York to Haugesund  (Round Trip)


4. $ 610 : New York to Saint Petersburg (Round Trip)

Saint Petersburg

5. $ 609 : New York to Trondheim (Round Trip)


6. $604 : New York to Reykjavik (Round Trip)


7. $604 : New York to Copenhagen (Round Trip)

CopenhagenSweden is also a nice place to visit. Here come the opportunity. The price is just $604 from New York. Come on, find some of your holiday time and fly there.

8. $589 : New York to Moscow (Round Trip)


9. $586 : New York to Stockholm (Round Trip)


10. $552 : New York to Oslo (Round Trip)

OsloHowever, the trip to Oslo is the cheapest one among our list. It is only $ 552 for its round trip. This is an average price of the flight. That means it is possible that you could get it to an even cheaper price if you are willing to get not the perfect service they provide.