The 10 Best and Most Popular Male Singers of 2015

Music is a big part of the entertainment industry of the world. And, because great talent keeps emerging, its world keeps changing the faces, accordingly. Famous singers come one after another. However, there are a few great singers who could still stay in their top rank positions for years. As of now, the best list of most popular male singers would be the one below.

1. Usher


Originally as a famous dancer, Usher has expanded his career to also be a singer, songwriter, actor and a businessman. However, he has done very well with his singing career till he is one among the best and most popular male singers of this year. The song that has got me and millions other people around the world to know him is You Remind Me.

2. Bruno Mars


Everyone has had a sad love story, and everyone would have heard When I Was Your Man. That is one of the biggest hits of Bruno Mars. He is a very talented singer with very sweet voice with his additional skills also as the songwriter. That is the reason why he has had a great popularity and be in our list today.

3. Justin Bieber


Justin Bieber is new young singer who has gained the popularity very quick though some hate him badly. Born in 1994 in Canada, he is currently one of the most recognized and popular male singers in the United States though he has had many scandals over his career. To date, Justin Bieber has involved actively in this music industry for over six years only. Additionally, he is also a songwriter and actor.

4. Pitbull


Armando Christian Pérez, known as Pitbull, is an American rapper who won the famous Grammy Award. Born in 1981, he, to dates, has released 7 albums from 2002, all of which are very successful. Some of his songs have been hit and reached the top ranking ones. And, Pitbull often has a presence in many huge international performance such as the 2013 American Music Award. Lastly, he was chosen to produce and sing the FIFA World Cup 2014 official song ” We Are One” by FIFA and the Sony Music.

5.  Justin Timberlake


 Justin Timberlak, born in 1981, is currently among very popular male singers around the world. Additionally, he is also a businessman, songwriter, and actor. His songs that have brought him a great name in the industry are such as My Love, What Comes Around, Goes Around, and the Sexy Black.

6. Adam Levine

Adam Levine

The number 6 of the most popular male singers in our list today is Adam Levine. He is best known best when he was the lead vocalist of the Los Angeles Poprock Band. Born in 1979, Adam Levine started his singing career since 1994 and has released many albums which gained a great success. Consequently, the obvious results are the so many awards he has won including three Grammy Awards and a World Music Award. Furthermore, he has since 2011 been a coach of The VOICE in NBC’s channels.

7. Taio Cruz


The Brithish singer who is also a rapper, entrepreneur, and the songwriter in our list now is Taio Cruz. He has had an incredible voice to sing. Most of his albums have been sold millions of copies for each release. Started to sing in 2008, Taio Cruz has taken the attention of world media, often due to his great quality in this music industry.

8. Jason Derulo

Jason Derulo

9. Chris Brown


There is no question that Chris Brown is among the most popular male singers while his scandal makes his name known even widely. He is a great dancer and singer. This talent has get him million of fans around the world. Just a few years ago, he could manage to win the famous Grammy Award as the best singer. That is the reason why he has his seat here.

10. Macklemore

MacklemoreComparing to the rest in the list, Macklemore is a new singer in the industry, but his emotional lyric, passionate voice, and his charm have brought him to the top list very quick. His song, Thrift Shop, is the first of him that gets his name heard all over the industry. Millions of fans have, so far, fallen in love with his songs.

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