Stanley Park, the Paradise of Canada

Stanley Park is a historical, largest, and most beautiful park in Vancouver of Canada. Its total landscape covers 400 hectares of rainforest, located in the west coast of Vancouver. Its combination landscape view of mountains, water, trees, and sky is amazing, and its border is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean water, making it look like an island near the city.

The one very unique thing about the Stanley Park is that it is not a landscape architect but a result of the forest evolution over many years.



In the park, visitors could tour to see the historical and nature beauty, arts and culture, and there are incredible places to explore and play around like its beach.

To visit its nature, tourists can enjoy the smell of flowers in the Stanley Gardens while its landmarks like Lost Lagoon, Siwash Rock, the Hollow Tree, Beaver Lake and Prospect Point are a must to visit.

Stanley Lagoon.

 The Stanley Lagoon


The Stanley Garden

Backing to look at the dining areas, you are various ways visitors can choose to enjoy their day. Four of glaringly refresh houses are Tea house, The Fish house, Prospect Point Cafe, and Stanley Park Bar and Grill.

Tea House



This Tea House offers its visitors the amazing view of English Bay, this has been a long time Vancouver favorite site to thousands of tourists from around the world. This house started in 1950s as a summer tearoom, and it has lived to the today design.

The Fish House

fish house

Located not far away from the English Bay, this is a popular restaurant with a true west coast  experience. The three distinct dining rooms, two sunny patios, and a heritage wine cellar are available for private events such as the wedding reception. This house was built in the 1930s as originally a sports pavilion.

Bar and Grill

bar and grill

This is absolutely a stunning view of the Bar and Grill inside the Stanley Park. It can serve up to 200 seats as a private functions such as the banquets. June to September is a very good period for this.