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Reviews of Recommended and Best Throwing Knives

Yes, indeed. There are so many types of knives on the market besides the ones for cooking. While some knives such as the bowie knife or pocket knife are best to be used in certain situations, there is also a sport in knife, and that is the knife throwing. That is probably your favorite hobby as well as you are here looking for the best throwing knives. You have come right. This list has some interesting best throwing knives for your review. They are great for the designs and prices. If you want a good one quick, you can scan through the list below, coming with the reviews.

10. Throwing Knives Set by OliaSports


This set of OliaSports is composed of three knives with affordable price. A nylon case is included for your easy carrying and storage. Besides, it is designed with of 7.5-inch length which is the standard one. The weight is just 1.6 Oz which enables you to throw precisely. Furthermore, this new brand ensures the safety and the accuracy of throwing. Finally, the handle is designed perfectly with nylon cord for snug grip and easy to hold.    

9. Zombie Killer Throwing Knives


Zombie Killer throwing knife is designed with dual colors: green and black, making it clearly visible. The handle comes with green Para-cord for comfortable grip. In addition, the sheath in belt looped nylon construction which allow you to access easily and use it conveniently. The blade is built with the total length of 6.5 inches. Made of top-grade stainless steel, it is sharp in long time, durable, and rust-resistance. Finally, this set includes three pieces for your joyfulness.  

8. SOG Specialty Knives & Tools F041TN-CP


SOG throwing knives is the three-piece set that you can use for precise throwing or for general purpose like ordinary knives. The blade is designed with straight edge for great sharpness. Made of 420, stainless steel, the blade is very sharp for every use in many years. The handle is wrapped with nylon plus cord for easy carry. With black paracord, this set look very stunning and powerful. Finally, this product is not expensive one if you consider about its quality.

7. Whetstone Cutlery of S-Force Kunai Knives


This product of Whetstone Cutlery comes with a set of 12 throwing knives with very affordable price. If you enjoy throwing knives, this product is recommended because of its number in the set and each quality. It is designed in double edged blade for high performance. The point is not only sharp but its capacity can penetrate in the wood fast. The blade measures 3.125 inches for easy control and accurate throwing.

6. Set Ninja Throwing Knives by Kunai


This mode of Kunai is contained of three durable ninja knives. The knife is lightweight which is easy for throwing and ensure the accuracy of hitting the goal. The handle is red nylon construction. Additionally, the blade is sharp and it features the ideal point that can stick with the goal effectively. Finally, it is designed perfectly for every level learner: from beginner to expert.

5. Light and Dark Throwing Knife Set by General Edge


This set of General Edge is consisted of 12 throwing knives, 6 blacks and 6 silvers. The knives are designed with the overall standard 6-inch length. Plus, the handle is wrapped with cord for snug grip. The handle is designed perfectly to make sure that you can hold comfortably for the accurate throwing. In addition, it comes with lanyard holes for high performance. The sheath is nylon materials for greater outlook.

4. Throwing Knife Set by Aeroblades


Throwing knife set by Aeroblades is the stainless steel construction with and black finish for great sharpness. The knife measures 5.5-inch overall length with 2.5-inch blade. With this standard length and light weight, it enables you to throw precisely and accurately. Moreover, it comes with thick nylon sheath for easy use. Finally, a pouch is included for easy storage and portability.

3. United Cutlery UC2772 Kunai Thrower Set


This mode of United Cutlery is designed for the combination of safety and durability. Made of AUS-6 stainless steel, the blade is sharp and the point can penetrate in the goal perfectly. The handle is designed with cord for high comfort. Also, the nylon sheath is attached with belt loop and leg strap for high performance. With the overall length of 12 inches, it is perfectly balanced.

2. Tomahawk Throwing Knife Set by Sportsman Supply Inc.


This set of Sportsman Supply Inc. comes with three high-quality knives whose size measures 5.5-inch overall length with 2.5-inch blade each. It is the stainless steel product which ensures rust resistance and durability. Furthermore, the size is compact and the weight is light to ensure that you will throw the knife effortlessly yet accurately. The nylon sheath is included as well for safe storage. Finally, this product is designed with two colors, black in the middle and silver on the side and point, making it looks stunning and powerful.

1.Ace Martial Arts Supply Ninja Throwing Knives



Ace Martial throwing knife is created of 440 stainless steel materials for high durability and great sharpness. It measures 6.5-inch overall length. With standard size and weight, you will enjoy throwing accurately with great balance and speed. Plus, the sheath is designed with black nylon for high safety when it is not being used. Finally, this set is consisted of 3 knives since one is never enough.