Privacy Policy

This is all about the Privacy Policy of our blog, and Welcome to the ViralzBlog. As it does matter, the privacy of our users are vital for us. Protecting our users’ information and keeping it safe is our concern and responsibility.

Amazon Services LLC Associates Program

ViralzBlog, first of all, is a participant in Amazon Services LLC Associate Program that is an affiliate program designed and provided by Amazon as a means for publishers to learn advertising fees through placing links or advertisement banners on the publisher’s site.

ViralzBlog is proud to inform our readers that we are an active participant in this affiliate program. Being a participant in this program would mean in a case you have come and visited the site, linked out to purchase any item on in 24 hours, some small percentage of your payment will be paid to the owner of ViralzBlog while the price of the item remains the same.

Related to the suggested links of the item, ViralzBlog has our own principle to suggest only the products found to be extremely good for quality along with very good popularity among previous users. When looking for the products to suggest, we aim to offer our readers the best suggestions of the most likely suitable products for them. In addition, we would like to stress that to all of our review, it is surely done  with no bias and 100 percent honesty. We actually do not aim to advertise those items listed. We only believe that those items are among the best options our readers could find. We do so just to save time of our readers to search, review and compare the products.

Another important note to our reader is the fact that ViralzBlog cares so much about the personal information of our users. The following information will inform our users about the types of information we might receive and the measurements we might take to keep all those information safe. Additionally, we are to stress again that we, by no means, has an intention to do any business, involving the information, with any other third parties.

Web Beacons and Cookies: In another way, cookies could be used to store certain information such as the preferences of our users during the visit to the site. In other words, this means there could possibly a popup or login to happen on certain features of the site such as forum.

Log Files: Just like many other sites, ViralzBlog might receive and use the available data in log files. Generally, the information types that could be collected are such as the Internet Protocol Address, the Browser used, the duration on the site as well as the Internet Service Provider.

Meanwhile, ViralzBlog could engage with the third party advertisement, as some support to our operation. Certain third parties could possibly need the cookies and web beacons to analyse and bring only the interested advertisements to serve users. This is to ensure that all advertisements that might be displayed will be of the best interest for our users.

DoubleClick DART Cookies: In the meantime, DART cookies might likely be collected for serving ads by Google’s DoubleClick. This, in other words, means when you browse or visit, there is cookies placing on your computer. This helps users to choose the right ads that they will find most interesting, according to the browsing history. Likewise, worth noting, DART uses merely the non personally identifiable information. Personal information of users such as email address, social security numbers, and phone number will strictly not be tracked. In case you need further information related to this, you might check this link out :

If you do want and need to, you could disable such a function, and you could do so by going to your web browser settings and turn it off. However, that decision could somehow interfere with certain features of the site and might prevent you from enjoying the services such as the forum, for instant.

Furthermore, it worth knowing that if you delete cookies, it will not be opt you out permanently from the ad program. If not disabling the function in the web browser, the new ones will still be recorded in your next visit to the site.

These are basically what we find most important to inform. Should you have any other questions or doubts related to the privacy policy of, you could visit us at our contact page. We are always delighted to clarify all your doubt about this.