New York in The 4 Seasons

New York is one of the most famous cities from the United States.Economically, this city plays an important role in the commercial sector of the United States, and is known as the cultural and financial capital.The combination of the man-made landscape and its natural environment makes this city very beautiful. It is a dream of many people around the world to visit this well-known location. This city changes its look completely every season. You can see the pictures below of how beautiful each season is:

1. Summer

In summer, of course, the weather becomes warm. The beauty of Spring has gone, but there are activities people can enjoy out door activities like Kayaking on the Hudson River and join the events like comedy nights to entertain themselves while the city view is awesome and active.

new york

new york summer

n y

2. Fall

Then, the weather starts to be colder, and people smell the Fall time. The whole city look start to change as well as people. The longer the Fall has gone  through, people will start wearing jumper and sweater to keep themselves warm and welcome the Winter.

fall new york

fall ny



3. Winter

Until, the city view will turn completely white with the snow everywhere. Sometimes, the traffic get stuck, and the cars get buried by the deep snow. If a person from a hot country to see this, this is absolutely stunning. Like I do, it is very beautiful. Jumping up and down on those snow marks it a very happy day of my life as well.

silent winter

winter night

winter street


4. Spring

Ice melts, and the Winter has gone. It now comes to the tree time. Beautiful flowers starts to blossom. The colorful city appears. People begins to live an active life again outdoor.



sprin new york

Having gone through the four seasons in New York would be the very nice experience to have; however, I have not been lucky enough yet, but let mark it in our dream list.