Mastering Your Bad Habits

Each one of us has bad habits, and those cost us something over time like the procrastination. However, fighting with those bad habits is not an easy battle for many people. It takes a lot of persistence to win, and not many people are willing to stay long enough in the battle to win. Instead, things can get much easier when you know some clues to tackle them.

By nature, habits have formed by times through our routine activities while we have no idea at all when it starts. Years later when we grow up, we start to see them one by one mostly when we make mistakes because of that bad habits. At this time, it is a little bit quite late already to fix it back, but we still can. Normally, bad habits stay in our unconsciousness, and it has its schedule to come out. Therefore, to tackle it, you need to firstly see them and know about them first.

Again, usually, bad habits, through time, will bring us problem like the procrastination leaves us insufficient time to meet the deadline. However, it is during that pain the bad habits give us that is the best time you have great strength to start to get rid of that bad habit, and it takes more than just than to win. A lot of psychologists recommend it takes around 3 weeks to break your bad habits like forming up a new habit. So, after starting, you need also to stay persistent long enough till it is gone. By getting rid of a bad habit, it means you already form a new better one.

That would work for bad habits that occur regularly like getting up late. How about the bad habits that come out occasionally only like the procrastination? For this, it is recommended that you pick a specific bad habit out to fight with one by one. For example, you want to kill your procrastination. You need to remember in your mind that it is the one. So, assign a rule for yourself that whenever, there is something to do, do it immediately. You can write this rule and place it in anywhere you can see easily in your daily life like in your computer screen to remind you. Let’s say you hold this on for three months, and then you can check up again if there is any improvement.

Because you make a rule for yourself, you have to be responsible for the rule. A rule is a rule only when there is system of rewards and punishment. So, deal it with yourself honestly. If you are determined enough, you will make it. Remember this takes time, so fight it calmly, and keep picking the new one to fight with. The more less bad habits you have, the less problem you need to deal with. That means you have more time and energy to reach your success bigger.