Hot Incident in Seoul: 16 Dead and 9 Injured

seoul accident (2)There was a sad incident in Seoul happening today at around 5 pm in “The 1st Pangyo Techno Valley Festival” concert during the performance of the 4minute. The accident happened when too many fans stepped on Ventilation Grate to have a better view of the concert, and because it is too heavy, the iron broke. Consequentially,  25 of the fans fell down about 10 meters, 3 stories. As reported, 16 of the fans have passed away and 9 are in critical condition.

After the incident, the rescue team has arrived at the place immediately to rescue all the victims. Sadly, some of them have been found dead before being sent to the hospital while some have passed on the way to the hospital.

The initial conclusion is that the ventilation grate broke due to the weight, but the club entertainment has announced that they are to have further investigation of the case and will have the formal statement soon about this tragedy.