Earning Better In A Smarter Way with Google Adsense

Google Adsense has been an awesome way to earn a living either as a part-time or full-time job. Just to note a bit, Google Adsense is a simple online way which the publishers or website owners could be a member of and place the ads in their websites. Through the Pay Per Click system, the publishers will earn the money based on the number of clicks on ads they get from their readers.

The success of this kind of way to generate income depends on a few main things. They are contents, SEOs, and the effectiveness of the promotion. Today, I will only talk about the contents, and there are a few things to notice about it. First of all, it is the number of contents. Of course, the more contents you have, the more possibilities that people will find your articles in the Google search. Likewise, the topic of your articles might be very important because some topics are searched more than the others.

The second is about the quality of the contents. This is a life or death issue. If your articles are the copied ones from other websites, search engines like Google and Yahoo will realize that and rank your articles very low in search results. For each key word people search, the results are thousands or even hundred thousands. If your articles do not pop up first in the search result page, readers will not see it and have a chance to click to your website either. Another point is if your articles are good, readers will remember and return to your website. That way you are building the reader loyalty to your site. Therefore, it is very necessary to write a unique, original, and qualified contents.

Additionally, one other smarter way to earn money from Google Adsense is choosing the right key words for the articles, which are called Google Adwords. Google uses the Pay Per Click system, but the paying rate is often different and can range for a few cents to a few hundreds dollar. So, if you figure out and go for the big pay one, you will get more.

As of this 2014, there are a few key words that have a very high rate. They are Insurance Quote, Loans, Mortgage, Attorney, and a few others like Credit, Donate, Degree, Hosting and Conference Call. Insurance has long been a top paying key words. In average, this “Insurance” key word has a rate of $54. 99 per click while the general rate is only 20 cents. And, it is also the most searched key word which accounts for 24% of all the search.

Second to top is Mortgage. The rate per click for this Mortgage key word is $ 47.12. The other following three are Attorney, Claim ,and Loans. Their rates per click are $47.07,  $ 45.51, and $ 44.28, respectively. You can see that a click of the right key word might mean hundreds of clicks of the general key words. So, there is no reasons why to not have an attention on those.

And, it worth to notice that the rate and specific key words that pay you high such as Insurance, Attorney, and Mortgage are not always the same. You need to keep yourself update with them to stay on top of it.