Decide to Not Decide Is Also a Decision

Decisions are what we live every second of our day with. Every time we act out from our mind, we make a decision. We do not realize that because it is too common to us. But, when there is any decision that might impact us the most, we will be very cautious about it. That is where the difference is made to our life. Some people decide it so quick, some delays until it looks late, while some gets stuck and do not decide it at all.

In fact, making the decision in life is a learning process. You make mistakes, and you will learn from it. People live with the consequences of their decisions. So, the quality of your decision will decide your life. The simple truth is no one will be born with the perfect knowledge to make the right decision all the time. Being brave to make decisions and smart in learning from your mistakes are the improvement point you need, to keep developing your strength in making-decision skills.

Deciding too quick will not get you enough information. Deciding too late is wasting the opportunity. Not deciding at all is a timidity. But, it is very hard to where the best point to step on is. Therefore, adjusting it is the key. But, if you do not make the decision at all, you have nothing to adjust and remember decide not to decide is also a decision. Do not be afraid to make mistakes. In contrast, you could focus on learning from it if it is really the mistakes. What you need to go for is making the next better decision.

Making the right decision would only mean you can get more advantages from it than the loss you give away. To know so is to gather enough information. The quality of your analysis on the information will also matter. So, collect enough information and analyse it well are the processing step that will give you the evidence to make the final decision.  Remember, in any life battle, you win some, and you learn some.