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Why I Choose To Travel For the Rest of My Life

Getting through life is a tough journey. I have faced many problems and challenges in my career. No matter how difficult the situation was, I had fought to the end. I won some, and I learned some. But, there is one thing I have never experienced until the age of 50.

I have been spending most of my time with my career, trying to earn and save money without knowing the clear purpose of my life. I have been abroad quite often for my business trips. But, it takes me years to realize the real taste of traveling.

One day I have been to Australia visiting the grape farm and the wine production in a corner of Victoria State in Melbourne. It seemed to be one of the greatest days for me with excitement of the natural view and its beautiful environment. Suddenly, a strange feeling emerged while I was on the bus back to the town. I thought to myself that travelling around is so awesome. So, should I always stay in the office? What if I take an around the world trip?

I came back to the hotel keep thinking about that. And, I finally decided to do so. Within days of coming back to my office, I have delegated my work away and learn to practice the distant leadership, sparing all the rest of my time travelling around to see and experience the new taste of life every day. Now, this is the most important goal of my life. I really could not wait to start my next trip again soon. This is no more a business trip. I will be doing whatever I like.

I plan to spend the next three months exploring Europe. I hope to see many great things that I have not seen before in my life. I feel my life is richer in joy if I could travel more. The next plan I will visit Australia and New Zealand. Good bye for now, I will keep posting my new experience here.