Charming Beauty of Some European Countries

Europe has long been a civilized group of countries who have great, rich culture in the world history. The ways life is going on in these European countries are much different from those in Asia. This would make an eye-opening experience for them as well when they see the charming beauty of the countries in European Continent.

1. The Promenade Des Anglais in Nice, France

france south

This picture by itself shows how beautiful the beach at Nice is. This is really a next door holiday resort for people living around area. We often see the cyclists, baby strollers, and family gathering on the side every Sunday.

2. The Cliffs along the Almafi Coast in Italy

amalfi coast in italy More than just a paradise view on earth of this cliff in the Almafi coast of Italy, the coast located on the  steep southern shore of the Sorrentine Penisula lives in the Mediterranean climate with mild winter and warm summer, a very good climate to live around.

  3. The Czech Republic Charles Bridge in Prague

charles bridge

This historical bridge becomes the icon of Czech Republic and is a very popular tourism target in Czech. There are thousands of tourists aiming to visit this bridge because it is historic and beautiful like it can be seen here.

4. View from the Greek Island of Santorini

mediterraneansea from the greek island ofsantorini

This night view with the light really takes the breath away. It is really a must-visit place during the life.

5. Copenhagen Beautiful Tivoli Gardens 

tivoli gardens and amusement park

These are this beautiful, and it is nothing of the top yet. There are a lot more very charmingly beautiful places around Europe you can visit. Enjoying the travelling to such incredible places are really the best memories of life. Travel while you can. Learn, enjoy, and live your happy life.

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