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Becoming Creative in Minutes

Creativity is a very useful tool to boost your performance in either the working environment or solving your personal problems. Through times, you will see that creativity in people around, but I bet though you ask them, you may never know how that person gains the skill. Some people are naturally born very creative, and some are not. However, it is not difficult to have one although you are not. How? Simply decide to be creative and familiarize yourself to the following key words.

1. Curiosity 

Curiosity is the origin of creativity. Because creativity gives you a new idea, solution, and invention, you need to give it first the topic to think about. Being curious about a thing is that topic for creativity to work out.  When you are curious, you will keep asking yourself a lot of how’s and why’s, and your brain will start to generate the answer for you. By doing so, for day to day, your brain is trained to work more creative.

2. Connecting information

Creativity does not create new things. It only connects the information to find new things or solutions. So, it is necessary that you have got a lot of information and your brain will process to connect the information and see if there is a new idea available from the existing information.  How well your brain works on the connection part will depend on how often you are trying to do so. If you can habitualize it, it will work automatically, and you will become more and more creative.

3. Exercising your creativity

In addition to trying to deal your daily problems in a creative way, you could also find exercises about creativity and do it often so that it adds extra strength your brain capacity. Those types of exercises can be found quit easily on internet.  It will simply give you the scenario and problems so that you could work out to find the creative solutions.

4. Find your creative space and time

Different people have their own time and environment they can be most creative in. Some people are very creative when they read books because during the time, they absorb new information, they imagine, and they connect those imagination and information together.  That is why in such time, they could come up with new ideas. So, observing your nature and see if what time in which environment that can prosper your creativity best and try as much to put yourself into it.

5. Prove to yourself you are creative through others.

Show people around that you are creative ideas, and when more and more people say to you that you are creative, your mind will believe that and even try harder to be creative. This is simply like when a teacher praises a student that he is so good at mathematics, he will start to try it harder. Consequently, he becomes better in maths. Then even more people will say he is good in maths, and he really becomes good in maths.