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Amazingly Incredible Beautiful Places on Earth

This world is an amazing place. There are many incredible beautiful places on earth which look like an imagination only, but they do exist. If only seeing the pictures, I would believe they are just paintings but the facts don’t lie. Would you believe there is a sparkling beach? You may not but the list below will prove it to all that they all exist.

1. Deadvlei, Namibia


The leafless trees, the starful sky, and the golden desert  make this spot like a painting, and it is but painted by the nature itself. This is Deadvlie in Namibia. In another word, people call it Dead Valley which both sounds so similar. If ever be able, I really like to be there at least for awhile witnessing it with my own eyes.

2. Fly Geyser, Nevada

Fly-Geyser, no believe

This is Fly Geyser in Nevada. It is not totally a natural occurrence. It was a beautiful incident happening after a well was drilled and left uncapped. Then, the mineral starts to pull up and form such a beautiful rock group, making this look like this.

3. Tianzi Mountains, China


Standing amazing straight in the picture  is the Tianzi mountains. Situated in China and standing out 4000 feet above the sea level, this is among a very few incredible, amazing places on earth. This area did also appear in the Avatar film of James Cameron and might have formed since 380 million years ago.

4. Antelope Canyon, Arizona, United States


Antelope Canyon of the United States is, to many travelers, an fantastic place to visit. Its beautiful yellow wall make it really unbelievable. Actually, this has been formed since millions of years earlier. And, there is no doubt that it is one of the must-visit places on earth.

5. Mount Roraima, South America


Without question, this mountain is real, and it is Mount Roraima in South America. I really can not imagine how such a mountain would exist. Actually, it is said to have appeared over 2 billion years already. If I could, I really want to question all the world professional mountain climbers of how they think of this mountain.

6. Lake Hillier, Australia


A pink lake? It is not real come on. So, how about this one ,then? It is called Lake Hilleir in Australaia. Personally, I am really doubtful of how its water could be strangely pink that way. It is so close to the sea as you can see in the picture, but why would not the sea becomes pink too? However, scientifically, this phenomenon has been assumed that it is caused by a dye created by algae and bacteria.

7. Bigar Waterfall, Romania


When talking about the beauty of waterfall, the Bigar Waterfall in Romania is often among the top. The trees, the plants, and the water have together formed a scenic view of the area, and this is a special one because it will simply take your breath away. The scene is so nice that many people might not believe it really exists.

8. Sea of Stars, Vaadhoo Island, Maldives

Sea of Stars, Vaadhoo Island, Maldives

Do you see the blink blink diamonds here? It is the phytoplankton that happens on the sea of the stars beach in Maldives. This is such a rare place on earth. Most importantly, it is beautiful and make a great experience for people who have been there. Imagine you are walking on this beach, how would you think you are flying now?

9. Skaftafell Ice Cave, Iceland


I bet you have seen snow, icy lake, and rocky curve. But, this one instead is ice cave. It is cuve but made up of ice. That is really unbelievable but it is already there in Iceland, and it is called Skaftalfell Ice Cave. This kind of place is really a must-visit tourist attraction.

10. Socotra, Yemen


Do they look strange? They do and are very unique of its own shape and form. And, this is Dragon trees in Socotra island, Yemen. If you are looking for a strange place to visit, this might one of them. I bet anyone who has been there would have a different experience being with these three for the first time.