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The 5 Most Successful Coaches of the Soccer History

In the football industry, Sir Alex Ferguson has been the name of world recognition. He is probably one of the most successful coaches in the world football history while needless to say, it is the legend of Manchester United. Because there is an overwhelm reputation of him in this generation, we may not realize some other great coaches in the football industry. Some of them are Walter Smith, Giovannni Trapatoni, Ottma Hitzfeld, and Jock Stien.

1. Sir Alex Ferguson

Sir Alex Fugeruson, coming¬†from Scotland, was the coach of his local Aberdeen team before he joined Manchester United. In his local team, he had already built a great success by winning the 9 local championship in UEFA Super Cub and two UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup. However, most of his name has been earned during his time in Manchester United, winning 38 championship with his 27-year career there.


2. Walter Smith

Walter Smith is another great Scotland guy and is the hero of Rangers. This 66-year-old man has been in charge of Rangers for about 10 years, and he amazingly won the club 10 times in their local Scottish Premier League. Additionally, he has won the Rangers for 5 time championship in Scottish Cup and 6 times in Scottish League Cup. Among many other successful coaches of this team, he was very outstanding. Previously, he was the Everton Coach between 1998- 2002, and he also was a coach of the national Scotland team in 2004 – 2007, winning them a Kirin Cup in 2006.

walter smith

3. Giovannni Trapatoni

Giovannni Trapatoni is an Italian man often called The Trap. Because of his great success in Seri A, he has been considered one of the most successful coaches there. The greatest period of his career was between 1976 – 1986 when he was the Jeventus coach. Totally, for Jeventus, he had won 14 cups.

Giovannni Trapatoni

4. Ottma Hitzfeld

Ottma Hitzfeld is now 65 and from Germany. In 1985, he was a coach in FA Aarau and won a Swiss Cup for them. He later moved to lead the Grasshoper and won the Swiss Super League twice, Swiss Cup twice, and Swiss Super Cup once before he decided to join Dortmand and won the club 5 Championship across leagues.

Ottmar Hitzfeld wird 60

5. Jock Stien

Jock Stien is another one of the most success coach ever known. He was in Celtic for 13 years and won the club the Scottish League Championship for 10 times in role from 1965 to 1977. Totally for Celtic, he had collected 25 cups. He was once also named as the best coach in Scotland. And, unfortunately, he died in 1985 after leading the Scotland national team to the World Cup 1986.

World Cup Qualifying Match  -  Northern Ireland v Scotland