7 Silly Reasons Holding You Back From Your Goal

People have their own imagination of who they want to be and what they want to have. The difference is only the level of determination they commit to achieving those they want. As seen, only a few people could manage to get to their goals. The reason is that there are too many things that will hold you back constantly. Simply, they are stronger than your desire. Seven of those thought barriers are:

1.​ It is not the right time yet

You want to get something, but you keep feeling you are not ready. You want a perfect time with all the resources you need to start doing. There is not perfect time to start to action and achieve your goal. You will have to fight with the challenges one by one instead. That is how successful people approach their objectives. Sometimes, it takes you to start to really act to exactly know what you need. Life is a journey of uncertainty. What you can be is being strong that you could welcome the challenges any time.

2. It will be too difficult

Sure, the trip is a difficult one. Let’s ask yourself, then. How bad you want to achieve your goal and be who you want to be. If that one in your mind is meaningful for you, you have to stop focusing on the problems, keep jumping the hurdles, and visioning the finish line. Remember, you have to achieve. You are not supposed to deal with all the problems at once. So, be patient and move forward.

3.  I was not born for it 

That is the thinking of some people who have a dream, who have a few tries, and who are not persistent enough to move. Life is not a one battle success journey. If you could not achieve your objectives, it simply means you have not find the right ways to do it yet. Everybody is born the same with similar intelligent. The only difference is how you develop that intelligence.  Find the knowledge and skills that you do not possess to achieve your goal and keep gaining it so that you can try again in a better manner.

4. I can’t be them

Successful people out there in the society could encourage us and also discourage us at the same time. Choose them to be your model, not your comparison. When you compare yourself now to people who have already success, you feel down. You think you are not as good as them. But, what you have seen is only their results. You do not yet find out how many failures and difficulties they get through before being their today. And, you probably could be there with quicker and less difficulties than them if you learn from them well. So, learn from them, not discourage yourself because of them.

5. I am alone. What can I do?

The question is why you are alone and others have their own groups. It is because they go out and find one. Of course, being alone, you do not have enough resources to take action, maybe. But, if that is the challenge, get rid of it. You can go out, affiliate with groups of people with similar interests. You perhaps find the right people with simple ideas to start to achieve your goal there as well.

6. What if I fail?

Of course, deciding to achieve a goal is an investment. If you are not successful, you may lose time, finance, and reputation. However, you either can not stay still and get it. And, there is nothing of life that is not an investment. If you want to get something, you have to be willing to give something out. On the other hand, trying and falling down is just a temporary failure or lesson learnt, and the biggest failure instead is not to try anything.

7.  I will be too busy If I am successful  

This is a strange but common fear. There are some people who are scare of their success even when they are not yet. Success is not everything. It can give you everything, but it can give you many things people do not have. Focus on the positive side and tell yourselves that if you are successful, you are smart. Because you are smart, you can turn things into your sides.