7 Dating Killers

Dating is an exciting romance, especially for young people. You will be very nervous when having the first date with someone you have just been interested in. You will be thinking of how best for your presentation in front of the your date. Because that is the first date, it is like the first impression. If you get some serious things wrong, you might not be felt good about and can not move into the long term relationship you are probably dreaming. Now, we will look at the 7 dating killers you should be careful with.

1. Your Past Romance

It is really awkward and annoying to hear the past love stories of the person you are dating with. The best topic to talk about during your dating should be about getting into each other background, hobbies, common interests, personalities, and goals in life, maybe. Make sure it is a happy and relaxing tone while the most important thing you could start to figure out is if that person is Mr. or Ms. Right for you.

2. Lateness 

We expect the date to be perfect, and what if one of them is suddenly late or very late? It will be a very bad impression though we all know that difficult situations could happen and prevent someone to come on time. However, if the lateness really happens, there should be an explanation to your partner. At least, it shows that you care about your partner because you are so afraid that he or she will get angry with you.

3.  Manners 

The right manner is needed too for having a memorable date. You should act in a professional manner because it shows how best you are in the environment. Eating should be in done in a good manner as well. You could not just be eating like you are at home.

4. Drunken Drink

Come on. If you are a drinker, you have to be careful with it. You are not coming to enjoy drinking, so do not drink too much that it affects your date’s feeling. Also, a bit more than enough might put you not under control, and you could have talked about silly things to your date.

5. Respect

Respect is the vital foundation of relationship and being together. If even the first day, you have not shown enough respect to others, how even more serious it is going to be when both of you get into the long term relationship. This would be what people are thinking. I experienced the situation once, and I left that date immediately. I am not going to waste my time with such a person.

6. Balancing the talk

Meeting each other in such an environment need a lot of carefulness because it is so fragile. Talking is a main issue. Remember you are not coming to interview your date, so do not ask too many questions and do not talk too much about yourselves. Asking questions to your date must be in a sense that he or she is the main attention of yours. Similarly, telling stories about yourself is getting the person to know you. If you talk too much about your good things, he or she will think you are convincing, not telling.

7. Dressing Up

It is better to dress nice and clean. You do not have to buy the very expensive clothes. It is also necessary to smell good and look confidence in yourselves. That shows your readiness and attention to your date. That will impress to win the heart of your date.

Dating is the very first stage of the relationship. You will never know if the person will are having a date will become your significant others. So, it is always better to pay a bit more attention to make it the most memorable date to be.