Itravel, The Awesome 7

7 Awesome Why’s You Should Travel

  1. Open Yourself to the World

We live and we learn the way our environment around teaches us. It shapes us to a very narrow path of life. That means you can enrich your life more by allowing other environment to teach you. Through travelling to a different place, you would meet the new ways of how things are done in the everyday life. It will bring you to a new perception. It opens your eyes to things you might not have seen or thought of before. There are just so many things beautifully beyond your imagination. That would be the joy of excitement, the feeling you have never experienced before.

  1. Tasting a different ways of life

Actually, travelling is more than just seeing. There will be things you will need to try out.  If you come to Cambodia, for example, you will need to try out the ways people there are living their lives, and you will experience the awkwardness because it is not your one. Eating is another great thing about travelling to other places. I was once travelling to Cambodia, and I saw people eating a kind of spiders and crickets. I was feeling like “Oh shit”. But, you know what? I tried it out, and I felt so…

  1. Challenge yourself with surprises

Because there are so many different things to experience, you actually really have to get out of your comfort zone. That is when you need to challenge yourself physically and emotionally. Some people even take a hard way to travel like by foot or the bike and camping along their journey as the accommodation. The more difficulties you have challenged, the more excitement you will experienced. And, that is the real beauty of travelling.

  1. Enriching your life with new knowledge

All those experiences you have faced will surely turn into the new knowledge for you to live by. Because you have seen so many different cultures, perceptions, ways of life, this would open your mind to see things in a different way you would not before.  That is really an important life skill.

In another way, some knowledge you learn from another country might be very useful for you in the perspectives. By travelling around you might see the opportunity you could bring to or make it happen instead in your own place. And, in this era, a lot of business opportunities are not created, but bring in from outside.

  1. You are enjoying your energy

Youth time is the most active period a person can be. There are many things you could do to prepare at this best time to plan for a very good life ahead. Enjoying in through travelling is one of the awesome ways because when you get older, you might not be very energetic to take the big challenge to experience new things like in your adulthood.

  1. Taking a break- The mental need

Life is not easy. People are getting busier and busier. There are many things each day to complete. There are problems coming in relentlessly to be solved. There are so many things to care about. Living a human life is very tired. That is why there are times we need the break. To an extent, travelling away can take you out of that box and enjoy at least for awhile. You might be a smarter person after coming back.

  1. Great life memories

Time passed by and anything will be gone. Travelling will, however, mark some picture in your mind. Some of those make you scare and some of those make you smile. There are so many people who regret for not having travelled enough when they could. What is more important in life when you are so satisfied with your pass? You do not have to be a full time traveler, but take some time to travel would be a nice habit. And, I am sure the more you travel, the more you will want to travel more.