Self-Transform, The Awesome 7

7 Awesome Ways to Transform Yourself Today

It is time today that you have to wake up and start doing something to be great. You have to collect and build your mind, body and spirit together. That is the foundation to transform yourself to be the person you mean to be. Kill all the excuse and be persistent and consistent with your actions. You start today and keep going on. Here are the 7 ways to transform yourself.

1. Set the firm goal

If you have not had the life goal yet, find one. If you already have that, break it down today and see what part needs to be achieved this week, this month, and this year. That will give you more of a responsibility to fulfill. Working directly to the end goal might discourage you because it will take a long time and much effort to reach it. So, have the steps and hit them one by one.

2. Kill your procrastination

I am sure one of the very common obstacles in many people is their procrastination. You have time to procrastinate, but remember the less you do, the less you will achieve as well. So, if you get things done today, you will be able to get new things done tomorrow. You have to make the best use of yourself to own the result you want.

3. Roll your sleeves up

Let’s get started and clear all your draft plans in the bin. Whatever you plan to do, get up and clear them today now. Finish them and find the new things you will have to do and get to do it without any excuse. Do not think about anything, just do it.

4. Eat and drink to win

You know yourself you have a goal. It is a long journey to reach there, so you have to take care of your health. Eating and drinking are the two main elements of it. Find out what that is best for you to eat and drink for your health and make it a part of your lifestyle.

5.  Give your favorite books for 15 minutes each day

Keep improving and growing is a quicker way to reach a better life. Then, it would come to a reading habit. It will open you to the new ideas, perception and knowledge. Those will be a big friends to support you along the way.

6. Fixing and Improving your daily activities

There will be a broken parts of our ways of working and living every day. You have to start to observe and kill those away to make yourself more productive. For example, if social network like faebook distract you a lot from your work, learn to limit it and work better. Tell yourself you have to do that and really do that.

7. Working out for health

No matter how lazy you are, get up and go to gym or play some sports every weekend. You have to walk a long way. If your mind and spirit are well but without your strong body. You will not get far. So, discipline yourself, your mind, and your laziness to involve with some forms of exercise. If you do not like go to gym alone, find a sport club you like and be with them.