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7 Awesome Ways to Build Backlinks for Your Websites

To generate a big number of traffic for your website, it has to be juicy for SEO, and an important factor to be nice to SEO is backlink. Backlink is like the confident vote for your website by others, and Google has used this system to assess if how much credibility and trust they should have on your website. However, if you just create a website and wait for somebody else to link to your website, that is unlikely you will see the result soon enough. What you need to do is get up and build backlinks for your site by yourself. And, here it comes how.

1. Sign up for social network profile

One thing for sure you can do is sign up and create your web profiles in social network sites such as Linkedin, Facebook, Google Plus, Google profile, Youtube and more. Some of the big social network sites have had the No Follow Code, but you do not need to care about that. At least, that is another direct links people can click in to go to your sites. It does help generate the traffic.

2. Youtube

Another simple way is to create videos related to your site contents and upload it to Youtube. In every videos you upload to your Youtube Account, there is a description box below each videos. In the box, you can also write some description about the videos as well as your site and its direct links. It does count as a backlink.

3. Blog Comments

Blog comments do work as well. That is, you should go into website of your kind and interact in the comment section with others. And, you simply has to pass on your link the comment box. In addition to being a backlink, you are also introducing your website to others audience of that website you are commenting on.

4. Submit your links to related sites

There are many social network sites like StumbleUpon, Digg, Reddit, Dotpoch and a lot more which you can submit your article links to. That is a simple way to promote your articles to the crowd as well as build backlinks for your sites.

5.  Guest blogging

Guest blogging is about being an author of other websites. By being one, you can have your bio and web links on their site. And, because there are a lot audience on their sites already, you are going to build backlinks in addition to generating traffic.

6. Involving in forum

Getting involved in related forum is another way to build backlinks without needing to pay. Find some forums that are mostly about your web topic and interact with them with your links. It is like you are talking and do the marketing to promote your website to the public. This way has worked for many sites’ owners. It should do to you as well.

7. Buy them

The last and easy way to do here is to buy those backlinks. There are many individuals and network groups which you can contact to buy those backlinks. But, you have to be a bit careful for this means because if your backlinks do not look natural to Google, their could punish your website for less search results. Also, make sure you buy the quality backlinks. Not every backlinks have the same value.

Again, it would be too time consuming to wait for people to link to your sites. You have to take action and get that. But, do it in a natural careful way if you do not want the punishment from Google.