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7 Awesome Ways to Stay Awake in A sleepy Day

There will be some day we will not have enough sleep but still need to get up and go to school or work like the other days. We often feel very tired, stuck, and passive in such an occasion. No matter what, it will be a day, if we keep the mood and get through it that way, we will not feel good and could not get much of the tasks done as well. Therefore, there needs solutions to wake yourselves up and very active to fulfill your workload. Some tricky tips are here for you:

1. Exposing your body to the morning sunlight

After the tiring getup, you could spend about 10 to 15 minutes walking on the roof or outside of your home to expose yourself to the morning sunlight. That gives you a refreshing mood with some energy and the vitamin D production from the sun light. And, it wakes up your body to start being active now for the day.

2. Drink Glasses of Water

It is necessarily you drink enough water daily, but a bit more of it on a sleepy day would help you feel awake. If your body does not get enough water for its operation, you will be even more passive. With enough water in your body, your body will function better with a high alert.

3. Having Enough Breakfast

Treating yourself with a nice breakfast would give you the energy to feel more energetic and will eliminate your tiredness. Your breakfast should be the food that is rich in protein. But, do not have too much of it, or else you will be feeling even more sleepy on your work desk.

4. Breathing Technique

A long breathing in and out to full or empty your belly is a good technique. Having deep breaths brings more oxygen into your body, and it will produce more fuel for the whole day for you. Additionally, it will make you alert to things happening around.

5. Walking around some time in the office

Sitting on the desk while feeling sleepy may make you even more sleepy. You could try to jump out of the mood by, for example, walking around saying hi and have some chit chat with your colleagues about anything. That small talk might get you into an interesting topic and change your mood immediately away from being sleepy.

6. A gentle Massage

A gentle massage on your back or neck in the morning would make you feel awake as well. You could do it by yourself or ask somebody else to do it for you. For the neck massage, you could bend it back tight and move it around or you could gently squeeze the back of your neck a few times. You will surely feel better.

7. Taking a Hot Shower 

The warmness of the hot shower will wake your body up and make you feel relaxing and fresher to start the day. If you are at your workplace, you could wash your face with water, and you will feel less sleepy. If it is too much sleepy that you could stand with, have some caffeine. Maybe a small cup of coffee is enough to walk you up all day.

This is actually a cure, not a prevention. If possible, please work on the prevention side, try to have a peaceful and enough sleep. That is in deed the best way not to feel sleepy and to be more fruitful during the day.