Self-Transform, The Awesome 7

7 Awesome Ways to Live a Different Life

Childhood is probably anyone’s best time since we do not need to care about anything. As life goes on, we become older. The longer we live, the more responsibilities and problems we need to deal with. That is how life socially is designed to be. It is difficult, but we can a lways find the keys to make it easier.

  1. Find a passive income

Feeling secure of our everyday life is an inner peace to achieve our goal, so it is suggested that people should find some ways to have a passive income for themselves. You do not have to do something big for this. You could utilize your hobbies and find a way to commercialize it to earn you some money. If you live writing, create your blog, build your audience, and make money out of your blog. That is a simple example.

  1. Theme-ing a new life temporarily

This is a way of surprising yourself through learning to feel different. By personality, people have their own set. That is the reason why people dress the way they are, talk the walk they sound, and live the way they are doing. These, in combination, make up a tone or theme of their life. It may be uncomfortable to break that way, but you can try some, and you will feel excited. For example, you are so classic, and then make yourself fashionable at least for a week. Live that fashionable life, and you will know the difference. You can pick another one up sometime and have it excite you.

  1. Live a Step earlier

Again, people live to cope with the current situations. And, some situations are so new that we do not know how to solve properly. By so, it is somehow smart to learn about common problems in different stages of lives earlier, and when it comes to know you already know what to do with it. Human are emotional being. It owns different psychology in different stage of their life cycle like childhood, adolescent, and adulthood. If you get to know them easier, you are smarter to get rid of them.

  1. Finding your inner reason to live

So many people live their lives dealing with the urgent problems. Sometime, we feel so tired of our day, and no matter what, it still has to keep going on that way because we are tied to paying bills, taking care of the family, and paying the daily expense. However, finding an inner reason for life is a source of power. If you know why you are living and where you are heading to, your motivation will always be near to push you forward and you do not need to complain about anything at all. Most importantly, you can find the life satisfaction that many people won’t.

  1. Designing your own life plan

Having a goal or reason to live is the direction we need to bear in mind to keep us moving. But, to move fast and right, we have got to have a plan. We need the milestone to show us the progression we make. That is how we prepare to achieve and deal with the problems. By so, things are likely to be in control.

  1. Re-editing life

Because there is always some issues in our way, it is useful to look on over the life we are living. After that, you could re-edit and adjust it to the way that makes you feel better. If you think you work too hard, have some fun. If you think you are not happy with what you are doing, find a happier way. Remember that you want a satisfy life at the end and also a joyful progression toward it. The process and the results are equally important.

  1. Take adventure trip

There will be time people feel so stressful about their situations. It is not strange. Everyone will experience that. But, how you deal with it is what that differentiate you from another. Taking an adventure trip is one useful way to make you feel better. For one reason, it takes you out of the box of that difficult situation, and for another reason, your focus will be on challenging that adventurous journey. This clears up your brain and probably makes you a better problem solver for your life.