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7 Awesome Ways to Earn Money Online

Internet marketing is the new advancement of technology in this era.  Because of the computers and internet, the world human being lives in has changed. Interestingly, the world become so small and any business from any corner of the world can, in a short time, go global as long as its products or services provide value to their customers.  However, in simpler form of earning money, internet has eased and provided more ways for people as well no matter where they are as long as they could get accessed to the internet. Now we will show the 7 ways in brief which people are using internet to earn the money. To get a deeper understanding about each, we suggest you take further search on the way you like most.

  1. Google ads

Google is the giant company on internet.  One of their ways of making money is like an advertisement agency.  They have different programs to do so such as Google Adsense which Google control to post the advertisement in the publishers’ content of their network. Normally, Google pays the website owner based on the number of clicks or impressions on their advertisement. The rate varies depending on many factors like the contents, the key words, and the target countries.

What that we actually need for this is the website and the unique contents that is interesting enough to attract people to get into and read those articles. Technically, Search Engine Optimizers (SEO) is another important knowledge we should know to better range our website in google search. If your website could get up to 10 000 page views a day, you should be able to earn around $1000 to $3000 a month.

  1. Affiliate Marketing

With the ownership of the website, you could also consider other options for the advertisement that you want to place in your site. In this kind of marketing, the advertising company would pay the site owner only if there is a product of that company bought through the link they click from our website. Amazon is an example of the companies who are hugely working that day.

  1. Selling your products on online markets

You can be a seller of any products you own to the world. For example, in websites like Ebay, they are just the online market platform while the sellers can be from anywhere. What you need to do is to register in their website as a seller. By then you will have an account which you can use to post the products you want to sell.

In another way, if you want to just sell to your local target market, you could as well consider create an e-commerce website for your own products which people can see and order any items they like. Social network is one of the common ways people use to promote their website in the early stage to the public.

  1. Forex Trading

Foreign Exchange trading is another form of online platform which you can invest to earn money regardless of where you are through the fluctuation of the exchange rate. GBP, EUR, and AUS are the most popular currencies on this trading game. This kind of investment is very risky but with high return.  So, it is better to learn as much as possible about this before you decide to really put your hands on. However, there are a bunch of companies you can register to invest in this kind trading. Some of them are FXCM, Interactive Brokers, and Admiral Markets.

The required initial fund for this kind of investment varies based on the company you register with. Mostly, you can start your account even with just 50 dollars like the account type provide by FXCM. Within each transaction, you will be charged as well, and the rate is different from a company to another. You have got to look through their policy clearly before you decide the agency or company you want to register.

  1. Online Freelancing

Without caring so much about the business, you can utilize your skills on internet through working as a freelancer on the skills you possess.  Oftentimes, there are different communities set out to find outsourcing skills to hire. For example, in freelancer.com, you could find the freelance job like graphic design and SEO while in websites like iwriter.com, you can register to write or find someone to write for you as the freelance writing service.

  1. Outsourcing projects

Outsourcing projects normally work best in computer software fields. Similarly, there are communities which people of the same interest and skills could interact and find the people with the right skills to outsource their work. But unlike the freelance job, this one is a complete project.  You are still freelance. You can be anywhere you want to be, but you really need to be responsible to finish the whole project and get paid by so too.

  1. Trading Agency

This is somehow a service that you can provide by not needing to have any fund to start except having a strong network plus persistence. In website like Alibaba.com, there are buyers and sellers who are posting their products or needs on the sites. So, if you could bring the right seller to meet the right buyers either inside or outside the site, you would make the commission. For example, if you know somebody in China who will need 1000 tons of rice to import to China, then as the agency, you can communicate with people around the world to see if anyone could supply the quality and amount of the rice you need. If you make it, you make money.