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7 Awesome Selective Korean Films for Halloween

Halloween, Halloween, Halloween. It is a frightening experience. In this horrified celebration, people often tell ghost stories, attend costume parties, or visiting haunted house. Those are mainly related to death. However, to many people, that is the moment to enjoy their time in a scary way. And, here it is the 7 scary Korean films for Halloween this year.

1. Death Bell

death bell

Death Bell is an outstanding Korean film released in summer of 2008. It was starred by Lee Beom-soo and the K-pop singer Nam Yu-ri. Because of his sudden popularity, it has been a great success with this movie. This story  is mainly about a group of students who have to sit for their exam while there is a voice announcing that for any exam question that the class gets wrong, a student will be killed. And, they are killed one by one…

2. Hansel and Gretel

hansel and gretel

Hansel and Gretel is another scary movie which is about a brother and sister which were given the super human power to hunt the witch which comes to destroy people from a village to another. This movie is actuality has the origin from German fairy tale.

3. Cinderella



Cinderella is another Korean horror film directed by Bong Man-dae. This movie started with a scene of  birthday party which the cake is lit and taken to the dark room by a man. It then was dropped in shock as seen another man hanging himself to death. The movie then continued with more and more of the horror scene.

4. Three…Extreme

3 extreme


Three Extremes is a horror movie which happened through the collaboration of 3 well-know directors from Asia. It is really a nice horror film. If you have not tasted it yet, it is better to do at least once.

5. Bunshinsaba



This Bunshinsiba started with a female students who often get bullied by others decided to place the curse on their enemy. After that, the next day, one of the students who bulled her is found dead with the burnt face on the table. And, the scary scene started to come one after another.

6. A Tale of Two Sisters

two sisters


This story is about the disturbing return home of the two sisters who have gone from the mental hospital.  With the few days, the girls had bad dream about black hair ghost crawling to her. And, after that more and more people like the stepmother of the two sisters started to see the ghost in the house.

7. Whispering Corridor

whisphering corridors


This is another Korean horror ghost film that happened at school. The story began one day before the new year class starts. And, it was about a student who committed suicide 7 years ago in an art room of the school.  There was a teacher who see that student who committed suicide attending the class. However, she was attacked and killed before she could explain that to others.