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7 Awesome Romantic Films You Can’t Miss

If You are a fan of the romantic films, you will, of course, recognize these movies. This could be your reminder to watch some of them again because I personally really like these romantic movies. For those, you have not tried to watch romantic films, you really should try a few of these. I promise you will feel so touching. They are great choices. They are handpicked by many romantic film lover. You will not waste your time with them.

 1. Titanic


Titanic is one the world most famous romantic film of all time. It has been the top one that has earned the most revenue for years. But, what that catches the heart of people most is true love of The Rose and Jack couple in this titanic. Even more interesting, this film had been produced based on many historical fact of the sinking of Titanic. I believe 9 out of 10 people who were born in 90s would have watched this romantic movie.

2. The Lucky One

the lucky one


Directed by Schott Hicks, the Lucky One is a popular romantic film talking about the U.S. Marine man who is serving his military service in Iraq and finds a smiling photograph of a young woman. He later found the girl in that photo and began the relationship with her. And, the love story sparks.

3. Safe Haven

safe heaven


Starred by Julianne Hough, Josh Dohamel, Combie Smulders, Safe Haven was released in Feb 2013 in North America. This film is the love story between the girl name Katie who leave her house from a bloody night to work as a waitress at the edge of the town. She later met Alex who already had two kids and fall in love with each other. Later on, the police has reported that Katie is a wanted murderer, and the story starts to….

4. Dear John

dear jonh


Dear John is another famous American romantic film that was released in 2010. The whole story is about a soldier who falls in love with a young woman. They later chose to exchange letters because the man has to go serve his military obligation. Because of its strong popularity, its gross revenue overtook the Avata and was up to a total of $ 114, 977, 104 world wide.

5. The Note Book

the note book 2004


The Notebook is a 2004 American romantic film production. It began with a man in the traditional nursing home reading this love story from his note book to all the patients. The story was about the couple who fall in love with each other in the 1940s. They later break up and …

6. Just Like Heaven

just like heaven


Just Like Heaven is mixture of romantic, comedy, and fantasy film. It is a love story between a man who has just recovered from his wife’s death and the spirit of a girl whose body is at the life support in the hospital. Later on, the guy has found out what happened to her, and she is actually not dead. She was in a coma. But, she will be allowed to die soon in the hospital. To prevent this, the guy tried to steal the body from the hospital.

7. When Harry meets Sally



This is a 1989 American romantic film. Along the story, it also raised up the question if a man and a woman can be friends. And, the story began with a cross country drive together. In the same car, they have discuss with the above question in the car and the love began.