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7 Awesome Pictures With a Question Mark

Our mind is operating in a logical way. When we see something that looks real but illogical, it is a surprising fact people created with the nowadays advancement of technology. Like these photos, they are very strange and you will ask yourselves questions after seeing each of how it could happen that way. You could start to ask yourself questions now. Let’s see these awesome pictures one by one.


This first picture is so amazing. It seems to be four different pictures in one, but there is something very surprising here that there is a connection of the photo to be look like one. If you see the blue and brown sticks, you will what I mean. And, the question you ask is how it happens that way.

deepest swimming pool

This photo is one of the really amazingly awesome pictures of the deepest swimming pool in the world with 113 feet deep down. And, it holds 600,000 gallons of water.

This instead is the illustration of the fast development of Dubai. With just about 20 years, the city view is completely different. With a few buildings left on the side, hundred more have been built to make Dubai one of the most modern cities of the world.


This is another one of the awesome pictures. It shows the creativity of people flooring the ground. It no longer take a one by one approach to get this done. It is hundred times more effective than the traditional way.

inside the watch


This is what is inside a watch made by the Patek Phillipe who is one of the best watch makers in the world. It must have been done with a great effort. The connection and details are just amazing.


ship wreck



This instead is the coincident that 16 ships have been destroyed on this sand bar near the Bermuda Triangle.


coinningFinally, it is the coining game which is done to look so amazing that it does not fall down when off the table like this. If I am to try this, it may take hundred times to make, really unbelievable.