Relationship, The Awesome 7

7 Awesome Phrases for Advanced Relationship

A happy, strong relationship needs some philosophies to stay behind. Those are like the guarding angels who are, by your ears, remembering you what you should do and not to take care and better your relationship. You might have heard a lot of them already. But, here are the special 7 you should not forget.

1. Positive Image

How of a person your partner think you are is very important to your relationship. You live with each other every day. Your personalities, your decisions, and your behaviors will form up an image of who you are in your partner’s mind. You need to find that out and fix the bad one. Loving and caring image in your partner’s mind is a key. Make sure they are there too.

2. Being sympathetic

Trying to understand someone is not easy, and it takes effort to sense it. So, when you could do it to your lover, they feel warmth because it will be the detailed attention you do not just give to everyone. You are making your lover feel special. Furthermore, there may be some difficulties that your partner might not tell you about because he or she may not want you to be in that tough problem. But, you also do not want to be happy alone, right? so, if you could understand your partner’s feeling rather than their words, you could help your partner get through tough time together.

3. Accepting the differences

We are all born and raised different. We have our perceptions and personalities. However, the differences we see in the other person might make us feel uncomfortable. If you do not learn to tolerate them well, and when you see there are many differences between you and your partner, problems might start to happen. Instead, if you define a relationship in a different way, you will be enjoying it. Relationship should be two people feeling good about each other and coming to have the same life. In that, supporting and accepting each other are keys to live it to the finish line.

4. Forgiveness

People have bad days. When we do not feel good, we might make some mistakes. You also will make mistakes. We, human, are not perfect. The good relationship is not a state of being mistake-less. It cannot happen so. It only is about forgiving and learning from them. In short, forgiveness shrinks your problems, and you could live happier by adopting it.

5. Keep nurturing

Any relationship right now has its own broken parts. It will appear some time and become the problems. If you are proactive enough to find that out and fix them early enough, you could avoid them so easily. That is one way you could protect your good time. The maturity of your relationship is also very important, and it can be nurtured through time by a better communication and understanding.

6. A Surprising day

Being in the same state of feeling every day might be too normal and boring with your partner. Find a special day and make your lover excited and feel different. That will help beautify your overall relationship life. But, do not do it too often. You can find a creative and surprising way to do it. What if you suddenly tell your girl or boy that you two are going to have an second honey moon abroad trip tomorrow?

7. Every problem is only a hurdle

Generally, no matter what has happened, the point to long lasting relationship is commitment. Every problem that has happened should only be considered as the hurdle you both have to jump over. Never want to give it up. The more you can do this, the more you feel how you are important to each other.

Your maturity will produce a mature relationship, and your mature relationship will keep you with you lover forever. So, find maturity and own it.