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7 Awesome Korean Film Stars at Hollywood

Looking at the entertainment industry of South Korea, we can easily sense a big boom either in music or films. As a simple example, recently, a Gangnam Style video has gone viral globally. Similarly, there are many South Korean film stars whose talent are incredibly world class. As a result, many of them have appeared in Hollywood productions, and those best Korean film stars who did are:

1. Choi Min-sik


Choi Min-sik, born in 1962, is Mr. Jan in Lucy (2014). That is the most recent Hollywood film he acted in. He is a well-known South Korean actor which gained an enormous popularity after his presence in OLDBOY in 2003. Among many actors in South Korea, he is among the most talented ones.

2. Will Yun Lee


Will Yun Lee has an origin as a Korean, but he was born in Arlington Virginia, America. His big turning point in his acting career was his appearance in a drama series Witchblade. And, what that pushes him to another level is his notable acting role in James Bone film ” Die Another Day” as we as a few other films such as Elektra and the Wolverine.

3. Byung Hun Lee


If you are a fan of J.I Joe, you would have ever seen Byung Hun Lee. He is from South Korea but has found a great fame in the United States for his appearance in many of J.I. Joe films. He is among a few Korean film stars who have the hand at Hollywood film industry.  Besides the J.I. Joes, he has acted in many other films like Iris (2008) and RED 2 (2013).

4. Sung Kang


Sung Kang is another one of the incredible talent South Korean film stars. His appearance in Fast and Furious  and Better Luck Tomorrow has gained him a world recognition for his acting talent. Like Will Yun Lee, he has an origin from Korea but was born in the United States and became a famous actor overt here.

5. Doona Bae


Doon Bae instead has started her acting career inside Korea, and because her amazing talent, she has found the fame and recognition outside her country. Prior to her presence in a Hollywood film Clould Atlas (2012), she has already collected a big name for her movies Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance, The Host (2006) and a few others.

6. Rain


No doubt, I bet many would have known Rain. He is a very famous singer in South Korea. However, additionally, besides being also another one among well-known Korean film stars, he is also a songwriter, model, producer and designer. In fact, Rain is what he is known best on stage, and his real name is Jung Ji-Hoon.

7. Daniel Henny


The last one among our list of Amazing Korean film stars who have a presence in Hollywood is Daniel Henny. The movies he has acted in so far that have brought him a great fame are Seducing Mr. Perfect, My Father, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, and Shanghai Calling, and The Last Stand.
Daniel Henny has a Korean mother and Irish father, and he was born in the United States.