7 Awesome Footballers of All Time

1. Pele



Pele is one of the rare talent greatest player and remarkable person in the football history. Locally, he is the hero and legend of Brazil. He has made great contributions to bring the World Cup Championship Thrice to Brazil during his playing time in 1956, 1962,and 1970.

2. Diego Maradona

Maradona argentina

Diego Maradona, born on 30 October 1960, is the Argentina footballer. Many people has regarded him as the world best player of all time. In addition to his career as a footballer, he is also coach. In the World Cup 2010, he was the coach of the Argentina national team. He is the only person in the football industry that has made twice of the world record transfer fee to join Barcelona and Napoli.

3. Zidine Zindan


Zindine Zindan, known as Zizou, is a French player, playing in the attacking midfielder position of his French national team. Because of his styles and techniques, he has been selected to be the best player in Europe for the last 50 years. He had played in many famous clubs during his time such as Jeventus and Barcelona. He is now working as the coach of Real Madrid Castilla.

4. Brazil Legend: Ronaldo



The Brazilian Ronaldo is another legend in the history of world and Brazil football. He is one among the three who has won the World Fifa Player of the Year for three times with Lionel Messi and Zindine Zindan. For the 98 matches in his national team, he was able to score 62 goals. He was retired from his career in 2011 because of his string injury.

5. David Beckham 


David Beckham is World popular and key footballer in his England team during his time. He is one of the people who have earned the most money through performing the advertisement of many giant companies like Pepsi. Beckham began his famous 20 year career at Manchester United. There, he was won the Premier League championship for 6 times.

6. Lionel Messi 

messiLionel Messi is currently a world football player star. In this recent World Cup 2014, he has brought his Argentina team to the final match. But, unfortunately, he could not bring his team the World Cup Championship. His side lost 1:0 to the Germany team. However, he has won the Golden Ball, naming the best player of the event.

7. Cristiano Ronaldo

ronaldo portugal

Christian Ronaldo, like Messi, is reaching the peak of his football career. He is considered as one of the greatest player playing now and in the history. Like David Beckham, he started to be famous in Manchester United. Later on, he chose to leave and join Real Madrid in Spain. He is really incredible. Millions of people enjoy watching his play in his Real Madrid Team.