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The 7 Awesome Cool Tent Designs

Tents are the other end of campers. The classical one can serve you all well for accommodation purpose. But, people want more that than. That is why cool, creative, new designs of tents have come out one after another. Some designers even evolve the tent concept from a normal ground base to a flying tent which provide an even more exciting experience to the campers by sleeping in the air. However, the beauty of the camping become even more interesting to us through the picture when the nicely-designed tents meet the natural beauty of sunset, trees, mountain and ocean.


sunset on the tent





climbing tent


These four pictures are remarkably beautiful. After seeing this, I am so much wanting to test such an experience badly. That is sleeping in the air in the forest, watching sunset and listening to the voice of nature. Moreover, such tent like this one is safer to stay in than the normal ground-based one. But, it will take a bit of effort to set up this tent since they may be people to climb these small trees to tie things up. If it is not done properly, you may encounter falling down during the night or immediately. ┬áLet’s go and see a few more nicely-designed tents now.

classic design

This is a classic one, but the design is absolutely gorgeous and very modern. As you can see, there are also a few solar panels attached to its roof to generate electricity for the small TV inside the tent while it does not seem quite hard to set it up.


yummy tent


This one instead look funny and yummy. Its design is generally very simple. What that makes the difference is its color and water melon look, shown all over the tent. To me, that is very effectively creative. I am talking the design concept. This looks interestingly different, but cost very less to produce it since they need only to print the picture of the water melon piece on the whole tent, and that is it. And, you know what? The last picture down is like a balloon. I bet with so much of space and the soft distress, you will be a lot comfortable with it.

flying tent