7 Awesome Companies to Buy Web Traffic From

Aiming for a big traffic into your site? Search engine and SEO would help, but it will take quite a bit of time. It can take up from 6 month to a year. However, if you are rush to get the traffic, you can consider buying or paying for the Pay Per Click program, provided by many companies on the internet. But, be careful with that. Some certain companies will just sell you the fake traffic. That is not going to make you any sale out of it. Below are some of the websites you can buy web traffic from. You can check and learn more about each one first before choosing.

1. Taboola

Taboola has a large online networks. And, they are currently a very good option for those who want to buy web traffic. This is how it works in Taboola. Taboola will charge you based on the number of clicks they could generate for you. As Taboola has a wide online network, your articles will be shown in the related posts of those networks of them according to its own category.

2. Maxvisits

Maxvisit is another website you can buy web traffic from. A little bit different from Taboola, Maxvisits has a different way to generate traffic for its customers such as pop under traffic, mobile traffic, and email marketing. For the web traffic, Maxvisits will sell its customers in package. For example, if you pay them 50 dollar, they will find you back 50 000 visitors, and you can choose the duration you want such as within a week or month.

3. Google AdWords

Google AdWords is probably the most trusted one to buy web traffic from, and it is easy that as soon as you put the money in, it will start to work for you. However, the price might be a bit higher than the rest. But, you can guaranty a real traffic from them. They are Google, not something else.

4. Yahoo Advertising

Like Google AdWords, Yahoo also has its own advertising service. With their many services such as email under their Yahoo brand name are all the network they could use to bring you those traffic you like. Especially, if you are doing ecommerce online, that would be a nice option to consider.

5. Search-Marketing

Search-Marketing is another site you can check to buy web traffic. They present themselves as the professional search engine marketing services. You can log into their website and see more of their service review and decide if you can buy web traffic from them.

6. Easyvisitor

Presenting itself as the cheap way to get traffic, Easyvisitor is said to generate over 20 million visitors and 60 million page impressions daily. As soon as you get into their website, you will see the package you can purchase. The smallest one is 5000 visitors for $4.55.

7. Buyfast web traffic

Similar to some of the above mentioned, buyfas Web Traffic sells their web traffic in package. As shown in their webpage, you can purchase the traffic from them with a package of only 14.99 US dollar.