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7 Awesome Beauties of Love in Life

When we say LOVE, people mostly refer to the romantic love. Actually, getting to know other different types of love will give you a more understanding of how and why other people are feeling and living their ways. We, human, will have to experience its taste one by one, anyway.

1. Romantic Love

That is very common. And, I do not have to talk much about it. Romantic love happens to everyone as soon as we grow up a bit from our childhood. The pain, the joy, and the emotional attachment to the memory is forgettable. A lot of people have done unreasonable things for love. But, without experiencing it yet,  you will never know how it feels like being them.

2. Family Love

Family love is with you since you were a baby or even earlier. It does not often give you the peak best joy and pain like romantic love, but it is the strongest tight you have. No matter what, your family is still your family, and they will always love you and consider you as their blood. Like parents love their kids, that is priceless. Never take this kind of love for granted. That is so meaningful.

3. Hobby Love

It is when you love doing something so bad like playing sport. You will leave your schedule for it every week. And, do not ask people why you like this but not that. It happens naturally in us.

4. Self-Love

Self-love is loving ourselves. That is really a positive thing to do in life. But, it is better to be careful not to allow it to be selfish. Actually, not everyone is loving themselves. It takes a positive self-image to love ourselves. If we think we are useless or not a good person, it is very hard to convince our self to love ourselves.

5.Life Purpose Love

It is another different one. Not many people have understood that because only a few people have the real purpose of their life. They will live and work their whole life to achieve their set purpose. It is only because achieving it is so meaningful to them. That is also the unlimited fuel of the willpower that gets us to work everyday and not giving up to reach the success we aim for.

6. Friendship Love

That is how you feel about your friends. If our friends are needing our help, we will go immediately and give it out to them. That is because there is a emotional tight between you and your friends. And, it is a two-way process. It will happen to you too. Friends are very important in our social life, so it is better to take care of it properly.

7. Principle Love

Principle is the values inside a person that he or she will spend the rest of their lives living against. If people tell a businessman that running a casino is a lucrative business. And, he said, “No, I am not going to do it. They might think that businessman is crazy. Instead, he might be living by his value that he will never run any business that will impact his society negatively.

By getting to understand these types of love, you will be more able to put yourself into others’ shoes and gain more understanding about life around.