The 6 Relationship Killers

Being in the relationship every day, have you ever realized behaviors that could ruin your long-term relationship? No matter how good you are, you will have some. But, the less you have, the happier your couple life will be. And, that would be a plus if you could keep an eye on your do every day and fix things up if it is found to be the potential killer of your relationship. The 6 common ones happening in many couple life are:

1. Third Person Relationship 

That is very selfish when some time a man or woman tries to get into the relationship with the other person while having the existing relationship already. If he or she just wants to play around, that could potentially destroy the relationship you are having. However, if he or she wants to sincerely start a new relationship, they should finish the existing one right properly first to avoid the problems that will happen.

2. Cheating

It especially happens on men. They often seek to have a sexual affiliation with other women besides their partner. That is the biggest and most common problem in the relationship when it is found out. It is, to women, a serious cheating crime in relationship. A lot of breakups happen due to this. So, you have to be careful with it if you want to continue a good relationship with your partner.

3. Lying 

Lying is not so serious as cheating, but it is the foundation of trust and respect to each other. The more often you lie to your boyfriend or girlfriend, the less trust that person will have on you. Lying is also the root of many arguments in couple life. To some extent, small lying can lead and provoke a big argument. Then, the relationship starts to break down and probably grow till it breaks up.

4. Spending Less Time with Your Lover

Spending very little time with your lover is a sign of being careless for the person. Having less time with each other will bring down the emotional connection, and if it is not fixed on time properly, the feeling of love each is having on each other will decrease, and the breakup end could happen because there is no more good feeling on each other.

5. Ignoring Your Partner

There are times when one side of the couple has made a lot of effort and dedication to make the make his or her partner happy, but instead, that person might have ignored it. Without the right appreciation for your partner effort for your couple life could bring up disappointment of that relationship.

6. Having No Tolerance for The Relationship 

Forgiving is another binding factor of the relationship. If a couple starts to have many arguments, and both do not learn to forgive each other for the peace of the family, big problems could have happen easily and gradually destroy your couple life.