6 Elements That Make Up A Better Relationship

A strong and long-lasting relationship is beyond the perfect romance you give each other at your early stage. In any couple life, there will be bad times, there will be fights, and mature couples get through. Being patient with time and finding ways to better your relationship are really important to keep binding relationship unbreakable. You could observe the simple common problems that often in yours and figure out how those can be dealt with. After having found the keys, align them to your every day behavior, and that will keep your love life beautiful at all time. Six of those general keys that makes a relationship stronger are:

1. Eliminate Arguments 

Arguments will happen and due to many reasons. It will be there, and we can not totally avoid them. And, it will, by some ways, be making both feel upset. There are two things here you can bring down the negativity of argument.  You could eliminate them and get rid of them immediately after it happens. Arguments need both sides to start and keep on, so if one side does not reply. It is not going to last long. To do this, you need to learn to tolerate with being right or wrong with your partner. Let him or her be right all the time, and they will feel guilty and start to change themselves soon. On the other hand, you will need to proactively sense the minor issues that could spark to the arguments and destroy it. Learning to ignore minor discomfort about each other will help prevent many arguments to happen.

2. Emotional Control

Our emotion is up and down, by time, because of the environment around. And, bad mood is very infectious. When you are angry or unhappy with something, you are in the state of being very emotional. You can pour a strong emotional reaction easily to other little things that make you discomfort. This reason is the most common root of argument in the family. It means if you could control your mood well when you are upset, that would help you a lot avoiding bad time in your relationship.

3. Be More Passionate about Your Relationship

Relationship is more about affectionate. Both side needs to show their passion on the relationship by caring and showing each other that relationship is so important and meaningful to them. By nature, the emotional understanding and connection between people is an another level of communication between the partners. That is also the point that makes each side feel so satisfied with one another. That is the feel of love and care without words.

4. Love Is a Verb 

This is a key to remember of all time in the relationship. Love is a verb, and it needs action to prove and be accepted as love. You can keep saying you love someone so bad, but without the proper actions, that person may not feel it. By talking about actions here, it implies dedication to making your boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse happy. That is that dedication that talks louder to your partner of how much you love him or her.

5. Sharing Your Stories 

People feel they belong to each other most when both are willing to share their issues or private life with each other. That builds the trust in that relationship. Also, being together is for helping each other, and a happy couple needs both side to be happy. You can not hide all your problems and expect your partner to be happy. It is more about sharing, caring, and solving together that will bring your couple life the joy of happiness.

6. A Sense of Humor

It is ok to be friends with your partner and be silly at each other some times. It creates fun that could beautify your relationship more. It is very important that each can make the others laugh besides helping to solve the problems. Those fun times with your partner will also be the good memories you have with each other. Some time you can turn the argument to be a funny conversation too. By so, you eliminate the argument and make it fun instead. That is one stone with two birds. Learn to do it, and it will become the enjoyable relationship behavior.