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5 Remedies for the HangOver Night

Hang Over is the result of a drunken night. You may feel uncomfortable with it because of too much alcohol intake. Take a good rest and do some simple tips, it will help you get back to the state of feeling well again in a short time. Some of those tips for you are below:

1. Re-hydrating Your Body

The main cause of that uncomfortable feeling is the amount of alcohol inside your body. So, if you could get it light and away from your body, it would certainly make you feel better. You can simply do so by drinking glasses of water over the next morning. The water will get through your body and waste out the liquid with your urination.

2.  Fresh Cucumber Juice

Drinking the fresh cucumber juice in the morning after the hangover is the most common and popular remedy for people in Russia. It is proven to be effective in easing up your feeling back. You can have your own try and see if it works for you. If not, it won’t bring you any problem. So, that would be a option to test if you like.

3. Having Something to Eat and Get Back to Sleep

Actually, without doing something, your body will also help you feel better as well. So, after getting up the next morning, you could find something to eat like some snack and go back to sleep to gain more energy and allow your body to cure it itself.

4. Taking the Medicine

If the feeling is too bad, and if you find it so difficult to bear with it, you could choose to have some pain reliever tablet. The effect of the medicine will quickly make you feel better for sure.

5. Having Lemon Slice under Your Armpits

That is a strange remedy for the hangover I have ever heard, but lots of people said it works. They added that it works even better if you put those slices of lemon under your armpits before having that hangover night. This is really interesting. You can have a try and help me confirm the remedy as well.