5 Recipes to Look Younger Than Your Age

Looking young is always a dream of everyone on earth. But, no one can help you with that. However, there is an extent that if you put the right natural recipe to your daily life, you will look younger than your age . Check out the keys below and see if it will work for you.

1. Taking care of your skin 

Skin plays an important role of how you look. To take care right of your skin, you could treat it softly while eating certain kinds of foods that will help your skin healthy and look fresh. Those kinds of foods are such as flax seeds, purple and blue fruits, and sunflower seeds. These will give you the natural vitamins, like the Vitamin C, your skin need to look good.

2. Enriching your body with enough proteins 

Of course, you can not look young without looking healthy. Taking enough protein from your daily meal would help every part of your body to function well and look nice. But, you also need to monitor it well. If you intake the high-calory food too much, you will turn fat and probably look young in a chubby way. That is not what you want, right?

3.  Choosing the right clothes

Your clothes choice will surely impact how you look as well. Certain designs and fashions will make you look young while others might make you older. Having some right accessories attached to your favorite young looking fashion will also a big plus to appear attractive in the crowd.

4. Be happy

There is no one looking young and nice with years of stressful life. Being happy mentally and healthy physically will take care of your beauty. In deed, being happy is a trait. Having some time relax, enjoying doing what you like, going out with friends, and eating out with family are all that could make your life happy and fresh.

5. Makeup Skills

Making up is an art. You can either learn it by yourself or find some right people to do it for you. The right art on your face gives you an attractive look you need in some particular events you may attend.  That is temporary but very important since you may need to win the good impression from the many new people you will meet.

In short, you need to look healthy and at the same time make the right decisions on value-added items to your beauty to look attractively beautiful.